Vijay Eswaran Practices Risk-Taking In Business

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It is difficult to figure out what a person should do when first entering into the job market. First time job seekers are looking to establish themselves and get off to a good start with a solid company. However, Vijay Eswaran believes it is never too early to start looking for creative ways to make an impact in business. Many jobs that are relevant today will be of no use in just a few years. Technology rapidly changes and forces everyone involved to adjust.

It is important to gain work experience in any particular field. Yet, Vijay believes that each job seeker should be looking to create jobs as well as obtain a job. Joining a small startup company is a good way for young executives to express their ideas and have a first-hand experience on seeing them through. Small companies will have low manpower assistance, which means that there is very little room for young executives to delegate different tasks. He or she must take full responsibility of the project and see it through to the end. This is why it’s important for new job seekers to completely buy into a small startup company‚Äôs vision. They will be directly involved in where that company is headed and how it will be shaped over the coming years.

A larger company will have more of its procedures in place. The methods have been trusted to work and new executives will be expected to follow these plans. There’s far more security at a large corporation however there is very little room for creativity and growth.

Personality is an overlooked element of job searching. It must be taken into consideration with every application, especially with a small startup company. Relationships in a small company will be very intimate so it is important that personalities are a fit to go along with corporate ambitions.

Vijay is a Malaysian businessman who worked his way from the ground up. He left Malaysia for London an attended the London School of Economics. Soon after his stay in London Vijay went on to obtain an MBA from Southern Illinois University. It was there that Vijay got introduced to multi-level marketing.