The Chainsmokers: Make Somebody Watch

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The Chainsmokers is a music group that was formed by Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Before the duo met, they were introduced by heir manager Adam. Alex attended university and studied music and history while Taggart majored in production. Alex Pall before he entered into music business he used to work as a DJ where he could play music in New York City. By that time Taggart was an intern. Both of them loved music. Taggart used to make and produce his songs then post them. Alex was a fan of the dance music and when the two met, they knew that music was their calling.

They have done music and their songs become hit. When it comes to awards, the Chainsmokers have received awards on different songs that they have worked. It is not an easy job in the music industry where you are a music producer and still doing music. It has worked for Andrew Taggart and they are making new things for their fans. It was during the Grammy Music Awards where the Chainsmokers were not left behind. When they attended the awards, they had something they could speak to the public. When it comes to the anatomy of song making it a hit, then you need to have listened to Chain smokers with their new song called “somebody”. in the work, it has pitched -up the vocal samples and used a lot of the modular synth.

There is a time when the Chainsmoker posted a very funny clip on the Facebook social media platform. If you had to watch the clip, then you were required to be seated. In the clip, the Cahinsmoker duos, Alex Pall and his friend Andrew Taggart had made some promises on the intensive tutorial that could give a guidance on how they made the song which was to be released later. It was something that gave a little taste into the process of composition that was very tiresome. In the clip, the fun thing was that some vocal parts had been recorded originally but as something different which meant different song. That is why there was a lying reason for the pitch change.