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Randal Nardone Incorporating Information Technology in Business Operations

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Randal Nardone, an experienced financial analyst, and business leader was the brain behind the foundation of Fortress Investment Group, one of the leading wealth managers and alternative investment group around the world. His leadership skills, complemented by the knowledge and expertise of his technically gifted co-founders has seen Fortress Group grow from being a small organization based in New York to a multinational organization that has assets in different parts of the world. Despite maximizing on customer experience, Fortress Group leveraged technology to outperform other organizations operating in the same industry.

Randal Nardone proposed that Fortress Investment Group incorporate innovative methods in all areas of its operations so that it can have an advantage over other the competing firms. It is through information communication technology systems that Fortress Group was able to offer quality, efficient, and affordable services to its clients. It minimized the time it took to serve one customer which means it could help a large number of customers within a single day as compared to its competitors who would support a few customers. Efficient delivery of services would later increase the number of customers seeking services from the firm.

It can be assumed that Randal Nardone had forecasted that technology would later grow and become one of the most reliable methods of performing business operations. This explains why he decided to incorporate technology is safeguarding all the properties of the entity and those of the clients through management information systems that cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person. Protecting the property of the customers was a critical element that would later attract a large number of customers to the entity whereby it currently has the most significant number of customers as compared to other wealth managers.

The system proposed by Randal Nardone would help other members working in the organization to access the data of a client within a short period hence offering quality services in real time. Innovative methods proposed and implemented by Nardone would later help the company to prosper in other areas such as reducing the cost of labor and minimizing errors and use of paperwork. The money saved would be used for expanding the portfolio of the entity. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015