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Due to the present crisis in Catalonia, Sujit Choudry and other leading constitutional scholars were compelled to write an open letter to Spanish and Catalan governments with the hope that the two governments have an honest discussion on their constitutional matters. The scholars asked Puigdemont, Catalonian President to show his commitment to the mission of seceding from Spain by organizing a referendum that backs up the desires of the people of Catalan.   Related article on

They went ahead requesting Prime Minister Rajoy of Spain to admit that secession is what a good number of Catalans want and not to try to suppress their desire to express it peacefully, They further, affirmed that the two sides need to arrive at a constitutional agreement that caters for the rights of the two governments. However, Mr. Puigdemont decision of postponing Catalonian’s announcement of independence so as to have a dialogue with Spain ought to be seen as a right decision.

Sujit Choudhry and the authors believe that the Spanish government did all they could to suppress voter turnout. The scholars believe that Mr. Rajoy doesn’t care about the wishes of the Catalonian people, he instead handles this difference in a cruel method which is not the case in global law and if this does not cease it would lead to abuse of human rights. They consider the right direction for Catalan and Spain is having a dialogue that includes the true wishes of the people of Catalan.

About Sujit Choudhry

Over the years, Sujit Choudhry has been found to be among the Professors of law at the California University located in Berkeley and also original director of Constitutional Transitions Center. He is globally known for his broad knowledge on comparative constitutional law and politics. Sujit is linked with United Nations Mediation Roster and has advised overseas dignitaries in effort of building constitutions in their countries like South Africa ,Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka ,Jordan ,Ukraine, Yemen, Tunisia and Libya.  Continue reading about this advisory works on

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Sujit Choudhry also runs three Centers for Constitution Transitions. These centers seek to collect knowledge to help in making of constitutions.   Read more on

Many organizations participate in these studies for example, NGO’s, multilateral organizations, Universities and Think tanks. Constitutional experts across the globe take part in these research studies that present evidence for policy options offered to those who want them.  Refer to for additional article.

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