Sujit Choudhry: The Constitution in His Hands

Sujit Choudhry was the first dean at Berkley Law School who is of Indian descent. He is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. He is widely known for his authority on comparative law. Choudhry did biological studies at McGill University but abandoned that course to follow his passion; Law. He obtained a law degree from Oxford University then later masters in Law from Harvard School of Law.

His incredible knowledge in the law field has firmly secured his name both locally and internationally. He has a world of experience in the process of constitutional building. He has served as a constitutional building advisor in Libya, Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

His work cannot go unnoticed. He has published books, journals, articles reports, and papers. He had a major role in putting together the Canadian constitutional law and multiple countries refer to the book he wrote, Constitution Making, when amending or drafting a constitution. He is currently the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Refer to for a related article

Sujit’s research addresses a large pool of touch points in comparative constitutional law and politics. This includes decentralization and secession, semi-presidentialism, using constitutional design as a tool to better manage and facilitate the transition from violent conflict to conducting peaceful democratic politics, minority and group rights, among others.  Click on for added reference.

Sujit Choudhry is currently leading three different global collaborative research projects that deal with Security Sector Reforms, Constitutional Transitions, and Territorial Cleavages. These projects have brought about a series of research and policy outputs that will be published in 2017. More to read on

He has a depth of knowledge on matters concerning creating a peaceful correlation when it comes to democratic politics. His constitutional design creates an outline for transitioning from Dictatorship to Democracy. He responds to questions concerning constitutional law and oversees security matters.   Additional article here.

Sujit Choudhry has mentioned that the there is a recent hands-on involvement of transitional democracies in the process of constitution making. In light of this, he firmly believes that it is critical for the current thought leaders in constitution making to put together and discuss policy based options that support the constitutional reform process.  For further reading, head over to

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