Securus Technologies on the Hunt for Fugitives

Posted by TroPe on

When my fugitive task force has to hunt down a suspect, we will make use of any resource possible. This month we had a very challenging situation on our hands, a dangerous fugitive was getting help from a local gang to keep him out of the spotlight, so he could commit his crimes and slip into their safety net at night. Each time we tried to get closer, he would simply disappear behind the shield of the members of that gang. Without informants, family, or friends, this was going to be a very difficult job of getting the suspect into custody.


When we made a visit to the jail to try and get some help from inmates, it became apparent how difficult this was going to be. The huge population of inmates in the jail were all aware of our presence and none were willing to do anything to hurt one of their own. Little did they know that was exactly what we were hoping for, because we had Securus Technologies on our side. The inmate call monitoring system was capable of listening to all the calls made by inmates and locating specific chatter pertaining to our suspect.


What happened next was the inmates took to the phones as expected, and they were trying to get a message to their brothers that we were getting closer. What they didn’t realize is that those low-level gang members had no filters, and they were yelling and screaming about things that could have gotten them in trouble with the higher-ranking gang members. We took the information we gathered from the Securus Technologies and we raced to the location the inmate was whining about, and we were able to identify exactly where the fugitive was in hiding. Now he is reunited with brothers in the jail he deserved to be in.