Ryan Seacrest: New Year Festivities

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Ryan Seacrest’s Background and Career Overview

Ryan Seacrest is a successful and well-known television host and producer of many shows and TV programs. Seacrest grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. While he was in high school, he received an internship for a well-known radio station called WSTR. While at WSTR, Tom Sullivan, trained Seacrest in the radio businesses and gave him tips for success. With this mentorship, Seacrest developed into a seasoned radio host. He decided to study journalism in 1992 at the University of Georgia. After a year of training in journalism, he left the school to purse a career in Los Angles. Seacrest pursued his passion of broadcasting by moving to California.

Following his transition, Seacrest officially began his career by hosting an ESPN event in 1993. Seacrest is best known for his hosting role on the popular singing competition series, American Idol. As a result of the show’s major success, Ryan Seacrest became well-known in the media and quickly advanced in the ranks of television. With this new platform for success, Seacrest ventured out into the field of production and television hosting. Another popular television program Seacrest hosts is “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.” New Year’s Rockin’ Eve is a detailed television program that airs on New Years Eve with millions of viewers. The show is a product of ABC Television Productions.

2019 with Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest recently rung in the new year with Anderson Cooper. During the new year festivities, Seacrest and Cooper discuss popular topics from 2018. From dating apps to shows, the pair discusses all the recent updates in the industry. Seacrest and Cooper commented on the performers that lined up to put on a show for New Years Eve. The shows for New Years Eve are always extravagant and detailed, with millions of viewers tuning in on ABC. With millions of viewers, there is pressure on the hosts to entertain the live audience as well as the viewers at home. Following this event, Ryan Seacrest received praise for his work and dedication.