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Adding Value to the Constitutional Building Process

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On July 10th 2017, Sujit Choudhry joined a team of distinguished constitutional experts to discuss the Ukrainian semi-presidential system. This workshop got organized by different significant stakeholders from Ukraine, who gave their valuable contribution from their different domains of specialization, ranging from human rights to members of the legislature, and even academia. This workshop was an important exercise held by these dignitaries for the country, and all their input was needed given their wealth of intelligence and experience.

The Center for Constitutional Transitions, where Sujit Choudhry is the Director, is the body which works to bring together knowledge from experts and make it available to others for purposes of constitution building. The Center does this by bringing together experts from around the world in fields relating to constitution building, and the knowledge generated from such forums helps to guide decision-makers in their endeavor to craft a constitution which is thorough and well thought out.  More about him on

The inclusion of these experts in his activities has increased the efficiency of the operations of the Center, where they help in all stages of designing of the constitution. The fact that they come from many different parts of the world serves to ensure the constitution has a broad perspective.

Check this to read his answers on questions hurled at him in a recent interview.

Sujit Choudhry, himself a Professor of Law, possesses immense wealth in the field of constitution building and is a distinguished authority specifically in the field of comparative constitutional law. He has gotten involved in the process of constitution building in many countries such as South Africa, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, among others.   Related article on

Sujit is also an author and has written many books on the field of constitution building, books which are used internationally and used as critical references by many nations whenever they embark on the crucial task of drafting their constitution.   For his recent timeline activity updates, hit on

A lot of the knowledge he has gained he documented it in the “Constitution-Making,” which is a collection of the contributions he has gathered from constitutional pundits as well as case studies and portions on constitutional law that are relevant in the process of the building of a new constitution.  Related article on

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Sujit Choudhry attends a workshop in Kiev to discuss challenges facing Ukrainian presidential system

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Sujit Choudhry serves as the current Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. This organization comprises of top constitutional and legal experts from different parts of the globe. Their main role is to help emerging democracies to draft and review their constitutions. Currently, Sujit and his team of experts have helped more than 15 countries to draft their constitution in a manner that will serve every citizen in the country. Sujit has traveled in many countries in Africa, Asia, and Europe with the same mission.

The Centre for Constitutional Transitions helps to solve numerous constitutional cases. This year, the organization has helped three countries to draft the new constitution. Sujit has personally published numerous books and articles that touch on constitutions, especially for the emerging democracies. He has a wealth of experience that spans over three years. His unmatched expertise and experience set him apart as the leader in the industry.

In 2003, Sujit Choudhry teamed up with other constitutional and legal experts where they headed to Sri Lanka to solve the crisis that was facing the country. The team was proposing a federalist solution to the crisis that had hit the country. In 2007 and 2010, Sujit and another team of experts headed to Nepal on a similar mission. He is renowned for his expertise in comparative constitutional law, and he is highly respected among his peers.   More to read on

Recently, Sujit teamed up with another team of constitutional and legal experts where they headed to Ukraine. Sujit and his team attended a workshop in Kiev to discuss the challenges facing the Ukrainian presidential system. The workshop was organized by various bodies that include democracy & electorate assistance, International Institute for democracy and center for policy and legal reform.  Check this related article on

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Sujit Choudhry noted that he was privileged to discuss challenges facing Ukrainian Presidential system with experts, most of whom serve in the Ukrainian government. In his speech, Sujit noted that the Ukrainian presidential system has been unstable. He says that the main reason for this is due to the concentration of power in the presidency. Sujit continued to note that the legislature electoral system and the weak political parties in the country also contributed to the menace facing the country.  For updates on his recent timeline activities, hop over to

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Sujit Choudhry Talks About Constitutional Challenges

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Sujit Choudhry was part of a workshop that was hosted by think tanks in Ukraine such as international institutions that support sustainable democracy and the global institute for electorate assistance and democracy. The workshop was held to talk about the challenges facing constitutional systems in the world. There were other constitutional experts in attendance. Sujit noted the unstable democratization in Ukraine as a result of presidency power, weak political parties, and legislature electoral system.  A Note-worthy article here.

Sujit also pointed out that there was a recent wave of the participation in constitutional designing decisions of traditional democracies. Consequently, Sujit stated that it was important that constitutional thought administrators collect and discuss policy-based solutions that encourage constitutional reform process. Most scholars find the constitutional making process an exciting topic, explaining why they focus on various articles and studies to gather relevant information on the subject in question.  For added reference,  check on

About Sujit

Sujit Choudhry is well-known for his authority on comparative constitutional law. He is the first Indian-American dean at the University of California at Berkeley Law School. Sujit was born in 1970, and he earned his master’s in law degree from the Harvard school of law. Sujit was studying biological studies at McGill University before abandoning the studies to study law at the University of Oxford, where he earned his bachelors in law. Sujit has immense knowledge in the field of law, which has contributed to his rapport with himself and his partners. He is internationally recognized for his experience in constitutional building, which explains why he advises countries such as Sri Lanka, Nepal, Egypt, South Africa, and Libya among others.  Refer to for a related article.

Professor Sujit has carried out several types of research on politics and comparative law. That has given him an upper hand when advising and designing constitutions. Sujit ensures that there is a peaceful correlation when dealing with democratic politics especially when violent conflicts are resulting from ethnic division. Sujit is also an author who has published several books, journals, articles, papers, and reports. Choudhry played an essential role in drafting the Canadian constitutional law. He has received several awards in countries he has worked for and other institutions that acknowledge his work.  Check

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Legal Expert Sujit Choudhry Meets with Ukranian Officials

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Sujit Choudhry recently joined a number of constitution experts this past July in Kiev, Ukraine. During this meeting, a number of experts talked about the presidential system of Ukraine and how it functions. When talking about the nation’s constitution, the experts found out that there are a considerable amount of challenges in it. During the discussions, members of the Ukrainian think tank including the institutional institute for democracy and electorate assistance and the center of policy and legal reform all met to look for ways to improve the national constitution of the nation. Sujit mentioned that he was very happy to meet with these experts and look for ways to encourage democracy in all areas of the world. He believed that it was a privilege to meet with a number of high ranking officials in the government and other political entities. After the meetings, Choudhry concluded that the democratic process in Ukraine has been very unstable over the years. He cited that a combination of the level of presidential power, legislature, electoral system and weak opposing parties have led to the instability with the nations democracy.  Added reference on

Throughout his career, Sujit Choudhry has spent a number of years focusing on constitutional law. At the very beginning of his career, he worked at the Canadian Supreme Court where he would contribute to evaluating the nation’s legal system. During his stint working at the Canadian Supreme Court, Choudhry would make recommendations on how to improve the national laws of Canada. Related reading on

After working for the Supreme Court, Sujit would then move on to provide his legal knowledge in the educational sector. He serves as a professor at the University of Toronto School of Law. Within a few years, he would then become an associate dean of the school.   More to read on

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Choudhry would then move to the United States to pursue other opportunities in his legal career in the educational sector. When arriving in America, Sujit Choudhry served as a professor at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He taught constitutional law at the school. Similar to his experience at the University of Toronto, Sujit would become the dean at the law school and serve as the primary leader of the program. Along with serving as the law school dean, Sujit would spend time working with foreign leaders in order to help them restructure their constitution.  Read his blogs, visit his page.

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Sujit Choudhry: The Constitution in His Hands

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Sujit Choudhry was the first dean at Berkley Law School who is of Indian descent. He is currently the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California. He is widely known for his authority on comparative law. Choudhry did biological studies at McGill University but abandoned that course to follow his passion; Law. He obtained a law degree from Oxford University then later masters in Law from Harvard School of Law.

His incredible knowledge in the law field has firmly secured his name both locally and internationally. He has a world of experience in the process of constitutional building. He has served as a constitutional building advisor in Libya, Egypt, Nepal, South Africa, Ukraine, and Sri Lanka.

His work cannot go unnoticed. He has published books, journals, articles reports, and papers. He had a major role in putting together the Canadian constitutional law and multiple countries refer to the book he wrote, Constitution Making, when amending or drafting a constitution. He is currently the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Refer to for a related article

Sujit’s research addresses a large pool of touch points in comparative constitutional law and politics. This includes decentralization and secession, semi-presidentialism, using constitutional design as a tool to better manage and facilitate the transition from violent conflict to conducting peaceful democratic politics, minority and group rights, among others.  Click on for added reference.

Sujit Choudhry is currently leading three different global collaborative research projects that deal with Security Sector Reforms, Constitutional Transitions, and Territorial Cleavages. These projects have brought about a series of research and policy outputs that will be published in 2017. More to read on

He has a depth of knowledge on matters concerning creating a peaceful correlation when it comes to democratic politics. His constitutional design creates an outline for transitioning from Dictatorship to Democracy. He responds to questions concerning constitutional law and oversees security matters.   Additional article here.

Sujit Choudhry has mentioned that the there is a recent hands-on involvement of transitional democracies in the process of constitution making. In light of this, he firmly believes that it is critical for the current thought leaders in constitution making to put together and discuss policy based options that support the constitutional reform process.  For further reading, head over to

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Whitney Wolfe Connects People With Many Different Needs

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Whitney Wolfe is definitely going to be a name to remember. She is young so that means she still has a long way to go and a lot of time to build her Legacy. Right now it appears that she is living a dream life because so many people recognized her from the millennial generation already. Some older adults that maybe married and out of the loop when it comes to finding someone to date. These crowd may not know her. Whitney Wolfe realizes this, and she is taking effort to change the possibilities of this. Whitney Wolfe wants to connect people in a very interesting way, and she knows that networking and creating a platform for building friends will connect her with an older crowd as well.

Right now people are focusing on her recent wedding, and this has given her another chance to entertain and build an audience through the interest that people have in her personal life. Most successful entrepreneurs that are interested in building any type of business will typically have a crowd that embraces their social life as well. Whitney Wolfe has proven that she is just as popular in business world as she is trending in the social media world with her personal life. Her wedding is proof positive of this. That is just another aspect of how she gets more people to embrace her brand.User should make no mistake about it. Bumble is definitely more than a dating app. For Whitney Wolfe Bumble is a movement.

This company is a social brand that has merchandise to sell and an expanding network of users that are networking and building friendships. Whitney Wolfe is going the extra mile to establish Bumble as a company that stands out and overshadows other apps like Match and Hinge.It definitely makes it easier for people to find singles when they are using Bumble. This is a new company that Whitney Wolfe has managed to bring into the mainstream, and it is ultimately changing lives for a lot of single men and women.There are a ton of young men and women that are trying to maximize their time and embrace new technology that helps them pinpoint who they really want to connect with. Whitney Wolfe is a young entrepreneur that is looking for innovative ways to help all the people that have a need such as this.


Bridget Scarr – the Fun in Creativity

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After a lucrative career as a TV producer, Bridget Scarr decided to focus on creative content creation. With this in mind, she founded Colibri Studios, her haven for ideation. At the studios she actualizes her ideas; be it in augmented or virtual reality, the digital space, traditional television, and exhibition. Usually, depending on the project at hand, Bridget works around bringing out an idea to reflect the intended themes and purposes.


Bridget’s objective is to help the audience connect with the message through her work. She is aware that the targeted people come from diverse backgrounds and have different views and perspectives. Currently, she has an augmented reality project that intends to connect users with history through recapping stories of people who lived during the period. Most of the projects require her to do thorough research before creating a piece that embodies the targeted message. Bridget Scarr is fascinated by Virtual and Augmented reality. Advancements in technology have eased the work of creatives helping them push boundaries and build magnificent concepts.


As an executive producer, Bridget worked in animation, advertising, and television. She was also in charge of creative and technical production teams that had 5 to 200 people. Bridget’s production experience in TV includes drama, lifestyle, kids’ animation, entertainment, and factual programs. At Colibri Studios, she is overseeing partnerships, strategy, and content development. Colibri works with project partners, creative talents, and international broadcasters in various projects. Bridget Scarr doubles up as a writer and producer.


Bridget recommends timeouts once in a while, to help entrepreneurs refocus and strategize. After a daily meditation session to energize and focus, Bridget begins the day in the office. From 9-12 she works on projects in the office, making sure to achieve the objective of the day. After 12, Bridget follows up on emails and other field work before heading home to have lunch with the family. She is particular about creating quality time to bond with the family. The rest of the afternoon is spent reviewing industry news and catching up with the latest trends.


Bridget Scarr’s passion for content stems from the desire to shift perspective and impact change across the globe almost instantly. Creativity has helped Bridget heal, have fun, and freely express herself. For Bridget, success is about overcoming fear, trusting the journey, believing in oneself and the natural gifts, and being grateful and appreciative of everything and the close people.


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Sujit Choudhry Addresses Some Constitutional Setbacks

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On 10th July, Mr. Sujit Choudhry joined hands with prominent constitutional professionals with the aim of discussing the challenges affecting the semi-presidential structure of the Ukraine government. Sujit Choudhry is a self-made legal expert serving as the chairman of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Addressing his colleagues at the meeting, Mr. Sujit expressed humility for having had such a platform. Straightforward, Choudhry pointed the issue of instability with Ukraine’s democratization. From his observation, most of the parties surrounding the administration were the cause of the volatility including the presidency, the electoral system of the legislature, not to mention the frail political parties. Thomas Sidelius of Dalarna University was also present, together with other intergovernmental agencies in support of sustainable democracy internationally. A note-worthy article here.

Sujit Choudhry; a Constitutional Think Tank

As it is, the process of making constitutions has become a point of special interest for most scholars across the world. Having served various constitutional process causes around the globe, Sujit Choudhry had enough observations to table during the meeting. Another thing he said was that making decisions affecting the process of creating the constitution had been affected by the current constitution. For this reason, Sujit suggested a collection of policy-based options that would emphasize a process to reform the present structure. For updates on his recent timeline activities, click on

As explained by Sujit Choudhry, the stakeholders collect information relating to the subject by focusing on a set of case studies and editorials. The Center of Constitutional Transitions plays a crucial role in creating and assembling knowledge supporting constitution structuring processes.

Some Personal Information About Sujit Choudhry

Everyone following keenly on comparative constitutional law will tell you that Mr. Sujit’s involvement in the sector is invaluable.  According to, he is the first Indian-American to serve at the University of California, where serves as a professor of law. He attended Harvard school of law where he earned his masters in law and has grown to become one of the greatest minds the world could pride in. Professor Sujit Choudhry is also a high-flying author who has published most of the books used in law schools. As a way of rewarding his efforts, Sujit has received numerous awards from various bodies including a university from Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship.  Check

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Constitution Professor, Sujit Choudhry the Solution to Unstable Governments

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Sujit Choudhry is the brain behind the successful Center for Constitutional Transitions and has been acting as a group that offers support and knowledge required when building a constitution. They have a network that is led by experts. The body has united or rather worked in collaboration with Think Tanks, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Multilateral Organizations to offer solutions. Their activities are based on best solution policies with experts from all fields and a research team whose main activity is settling on the agendas. Sujit says that he founded the organization because his experience is based on amending constitutions, building or rather writing new constitutions and has also for so many years acted as an advisor in so many countries that are starting to adopt democracy rule.  For added reference, click

Sujit Choudhry is an immigrant with law degrees that are from three main countries. He has always been in the political and legal fields in the whole of his entire life. He has degrees from the World’s most prestigious Universities i.e, the University of Oxford where he studied a Bachelors of Law degree, University of Toronto is also where he studied his first master’s degree in law and later to the Havard School of Law. He also studied a Masters degree in Law and used to do research at that same law schools for one year. He is an expert in decision making when it comes to politically related issues. Check this relevant article tackling politically related issues on

Read additional info about the professor here.

Sujit Choudhry has been on the right hand of history traveling around the globe advising several governments on issues related to their constitutions and other instability issues. He has been to Ukraine, Nepal, Egypt, South Africa, Jordan, Tunisia, Sri lanka etc.   More to read on  He has been a respected constitutional expert and many people have relied on his knowledge and skills toward providing them with necessary solutions. He is a lawyer who doesn’t mince his words and will say as it is. When he was in Ukraine during the crisis meeting or the workshop which was attended by all the leaders in the country, he told them that in order for a country to be stable, democracy must be followed. He challenged those representing the governments and told them to act swiftly.  Read his blogs, head over to his page.

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Sujit Choudhry Addresses Constitutional Challenges Facing Ukraine in Kiev

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Most countries of the world are facing constitutional challenges which need to be addressed. In Ukraine, the situation is the same. There is a constitutional crisis, and that is why the world’s top legal experts met In Kiev, Ukraine to discuss the various constitutional challenges facing the country.

In attendance were several experts from various organizations including Center for Constitutional Transitions’ Sujit Choudhry, Darlana University’s Thomas Sidelius, Ukraine’s representative on Human Rights, Vladmir Vasilenko, International IDEA’s Sumit Bisarya, member for Ukraine’s constitutional commission, Sergyi Holovatyi, President and representative of the Supreme Court, Victor Musiaka, Center for Legal reform and policy’s, Ihor Koliushko and the President’s advisor among others. All these people have vast knowledge on matters constitutional.

The team addressed the semi-presidential system of government. They also discussed the challenges currently facing this system. The organizers of the event were various think tanks in the country including; Center for International Institute for Electorate Assistance and Democracy, Center for Policy and Legal Reforms, and other intergovernmental organizations that support viable democracy.

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Various people had the opportunity to give their views concerning constitutional challenges around the globe and the country. One of them was Sujit Choudhry, a focal American constitutional expert. He started by saying how privileged he was to speak in the presence of such experts concerning executive powers. His view is that democratization in Ukraine has not been stabilized yet and there was much to be done. He went on to say that the concentration of power around the presidency, legislature and the electoral system compounded by the weak political party system has led to constitutional instability in the country.

The constitutional expert went on to highlight his recent involvement in transitional democracies and constitutional making decisions. He advised that there was a need for constitutional makers to discuss and collect policy-based choices in constitutional making processes. He mentioned the importance of constitutional topics on scholars and their input on the same.  For update on his recent timeline activities, hop over to

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a renowned expert in comparative constitutional law. He combines his wide-knowledge on the subject and his research and field experience to help various emerging democracies in their constitutional making processes. He has been involved in constitutional making in different countries including, Libya, Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Ukraine, Tunisia, and Yemen. With reference from

Sujit Choudhry is an I. Michael Law Professor of the University of California. Professor Sujit Choudhry serves as the Director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions.  More to read on

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