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How Talk Fusion is Changing the Way Video Marketing is Done

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Talk Fusion, one of the country’s leading developers of Web based recording software and programs, has recently been the subject of several news stories in the United States. The reason for this sudden attention that has been directed at the company is Talk Fusion’s recent development of a state of the art Web Video Recorder that is currently one of the number one recorders in its market. The development of this recorder will insure that web users and consumers who user the internet for business and personal reasons will have instant access to communication with virtually anyone in the world at the push of a button. With this product launch, Talk Fusion has put their company on the map in terms of consumer media development tools.

In addition to the new release of the Web Video Recorder, Talk Fusion has also launched several other web based media products during the course of the year. The technical company has released several products that are geared toward the development of a successful overall user experience when communicating with other people via online platforms. Most people who have ever tried to communicated via channels like Skype or the oovvoo platform are aware of the complexities involved with setting up a chat or communication room online. There are usually broken signals or unusually slow signals involved during the communication which creates slow reception in the platform. There are are also usually glitches present in the platforms themselves which greatly reduce the ability of the consumer to hear the things the person they are trying to communicate with are saying. Generally, these programs can slow down the rate with which a person can complete a conversation, and the user is faced with problem after problem as they try unsuccessfully to communicates with others.

Talk Fusion, however, has completely eliminated these problems and glitches that other platforms generally experience. They have developed a state of the art software system that specifically searches for these glitches and eradicates them, leaving the user with a communication experience they would never ordinarily receive through other communication platforms.

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Learning Why Content Marketing is Good for Your Online Reputation

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When it comes to building a company online, content marketing can make or break their reputation. Relevant, useful, and creative content always helps to make your brand effective when it comes to getting an edge online. Here are some ways that content marketing helps to make you standout from the norm.

Create Content with a Purpose

If all you do is blab on with no purpose, each visitor will easily bypass your site like going to the wrong exit and making a U-turn. Like Business2Community said in their article, it’s important to think about the intended outcome of the content. This way you go in with a reason and you can better display this to your audience.

Put Your Best Foot Forward When Creating Content

Dry, boring, and uneventful content (like the type created by Five Blocks) just produces a “Hello, Goodbye” kind of response. The first 10-30 seconds on your site is the most crucial. If all you do is rehash the same content without adding some nuances, you might as well hang your jersey up and play the game another day. People want to be entertained as well as informed in a way they won’t get from other sites.

Diversify Your Content Method

Mixing things up adds more spice to your site. No one wants the same thing each time. Utilize infographics, videos, polls, gifs, and text to create a more appealing brand. With this content diversity, you’ll reach a much broader audience. It’s a great way to segment your market for long term benefits.


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Fabletics: Adding Fun To Your Wardrobe

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You’ve likely seen movies with the beautiful A-list actress Kate Hudson, but did you know that she’s the co-creator and spokeswoman for the athleisure brand, Fabletics. Athleisure is a type of athletic wear that provides comfort and versatile styles, suitable for every day life. Athleisure has become a complete lifestyle and it’s versatile styles allow for everyday wear. Kate Hudson sits down with Marie Claire Magazine in a recent interview to discuss additions to the Fabletics line.
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Fabletics has many different athleisure clothing items to choose from, but excitingly enough, they’ve added new options for summer style. Dresses and swimwear! What is so awesome about the dresses is that they are form fitting, hugging all the good areas and hiding imperfections, almost like a spanx material. They are fun and modern styles, suitable for almost any occasion. You could dress them up or down with accessories, but feel comfortable at the same time. The swimwear line of Fabletics features adorable, flirty styles, bold colors and a great fit. They will hold you in at all the right areas, and be that comfy athleisure material we all know and love. You simply have to check it our for yourself!

If you are a fan of athleisure or athletic clothing, Fabletics is a great way to grow your wardrobe gradually, adding new pieces each month. By subscribing and setting your profile and preferences, her complete review will deliver new athleisure to your door. The versatility of athleisure is what attracts the people most. The best part is that the cost is only a fraction of most other competitor brands of athletic clothing. It’s a great opportunity to receive fun surprises each month and keep your clothing trendy and exciting! 


FreedomPop Expands Into Spain With WhatsApp Zero-Rated Access

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The leading mobile virtual network operator. FreedomPop, released a public statement, via the website, that it is providing users of WhatsApp zero-rated access. This allows mobile users in Spain, free access to the messaging app, no matter how much data remains in their allowance. Freedom Pop indicated the zero-rated access becomes available to users in a few months, though an exact date is unknown.

Established in 2011, FreedomPop, recognized for its marketing programs, offer SIM cards with free mobile service, free airtime, text messaging and bundle packages. Based in the United States, Freedom Pop is expanding across the Atlantic Ocean into the United Kingdom and Spain. The company completed a $50 million funding initiative, enabling Freedom Pop to broaden its worldwide coverage.

WhatsApp, a universally recognized Facebook entity, is aligned with many mobile providers, offering zero-rated access, though the practice raised consternation in certain markets. Those nations in opposition to programs such as Facebook’s Free Basics are imposing legislation supporting net neutrality, focusing on discriminatory tariffs providing special preference to certain providers versus others. The free programs are meeting stiff opposition in Europe, though the European Union chose to defer judgment on its use to national authority.

FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols commented, “Part of the reason why the Spanish initiative is important is because it is not in formal partnership with WhatsApp.” He further added, “FreedomPop is the first carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically and create a model that works without having Facebook push it.”

Though the WhatsApp feature appeals to many FreedomPop users, the primary attraction to FreedomPop is the attractive mobile package of 200 voice minutes, 200 texts, and 200 MB data use. Customers of this introductory plan find the benefit of being with FreedomPop and often become a subscriber. Learn more:,2817,2427635,00.asp

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Renting Out A Room Comes With Consequences

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Amassing wealth should be a goal of anyone who wishes to save for his or her future. Richard Blair has many years of experience in wealth and investment advising. Blair, through his company Wealth Solutions, can help clients take steps to retire with an exceptional level of net worth. Doing so requires a combination of preserving capital and expanding income. The internet has opened a lot of ways to increase income potential. Unfortunately, some of these methods put capital at risk.

In a solid blog article at Wealth Solutions webpage, the topic of renting out a room through online services such as Airbnb is discussed. Most importantly, the issue of insurance troubles and liabilities are delved into. Renting a room may increase income. Insurance and liability disasters absolutely will cut down on the potential to preserve and save money. They might even send a property owner deep into the realm of debt.

Renting out a room comes with many risks. Yes, it is extremely easy to pass a screening with a rental service website. So is putting a room or two out for bookings on the open market. Beware of being drawn in by the lure of easy money.

A room could earn anywhere from $30 a day to $250 a day depending on a number of factors. Size, location, seasons of the year, proximity to vacation resorts, and more all contribute to the price. Even renting out a room a few times a year could deliver a nice amount of money. Images of money rolling in quite easily is going to lead many to want to rent a room without a second thought. Several thoughts need to be run through a renter’s mind in order to avoid financial troubles.

The blog entry warns about not having the right insurance policy in place prior to renting out a room. The wrong insurance policy is akin to having no insurance.

And do not assume all the people renting a room or house are going to care for it. The renters do come with a lot of unknowns. They may even end up doing a lot of damage to the property. Renters may even drag owners into legal messes of the civil and criminal variety.

This is not said to scare anyone thinking about renting out a room. Instead, the advice given is to lead people into making the proper informed decision.

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QNet: A Young Direct Selling Company that Has Outshone the Others

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QNET has been in existence for 16 years as compared to other direct selling companies. The industry is very competitive and has for a long time been dominated by direct selling companies much larger than QNET. The story of how QNET has grown to outmatch this strong dominance is just amazing.

QNET was founded by a group of young friends who had a brilliant idea of introducing marketing to promote healthy living as well as better. QNET has since been very successful as an online marketing company and it not only offers many quality products, but also provides consumers with many brands that enhance their lives by promoting and encouraging healthy lifestyles. The products offered by the company have been thoroughly tested and proven to be safe and they range from skincare, wellness, and nutritional products. Other products include fine jewellery and Swiss-made watches.

QNET rigorously tests the products it plans to bring in the market. They consider things like high ideals and moral standards when evaluating the products it wishes to introduce. This is absolutely a different consideration for companies when adding new products to their brand. This explains why the company sells high quality products that cannot be compared to other supposedly large direct selling companies.

QNET follows a very strict vegetarian philosophy. For instance, the company serves vegetarian meals at its events because they advocate for vegetarianism as the perfect lifestyle choice and means by which healthy well-being is promoted. They don’t compromise on their dedication to promote vegetarianism and that is why they don’t include any non-vegetarian ingredients in the products they sell. They have created much awareness against obesity, diabetes, heart disease and other degenerative diseases. Their products are free from artificial sweeteners, sugar, and harmful chemicals.

QNET, based in Hong Kong, was founded in 1998 and it has its products enjoyed in more than 100 countries. It has over 50 stockists in addition to other 25 offices and several franchisees in various parts of the world. The company takes social responsibility seriously and that is why it is active in philanthropic activities. For instance, it supports the programmes of Rashid Centre which are meant to benefit children with special needs.

The success of the company can be attributed to values like the drive, teamwork and passion that it upholds. These are the values found in winning sport teams. It is the shared values with sport teams that encourages QNET to sport several of them in the world. QNET is currently the official direct selling partner for Manchester City Football Club.

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Martin Lustgarten: Investor by Day, Donor by Night

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Investment banking differs from classic banking in the sense that it does not take deposits. Instead, this style of banking assists corporations and personal clients in improving their financial capital. Acting as a guide, investment bankers ensure that you invest your money in proper stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Possessing local and national capabilities, investment banking is for those who wish to increase their worth without any additional effort on their part.

Trending in the investment banking industry is Martin Lustgarten. The CEO has decades worth of experience in the industry as well as a high success rate. By maintaining an equilibrium of triumph in the workplace and compassion in his community, the Florida native strives to improve himself and his industry each day.

Referring to himself as hopelessly curious, the banker enjoys vintage aspects in this advanced world. Enjoying the beautiful Florida landscape each day leaves him feeling fulfilled, but he confesses his love of travelling as well. The CEO of Lustgarten, Martin is also an animal lover who invests hours of his time contributing to the cause of helping the world’s furry companions.

Expressing his concern for the kill policy of shelter dogs after the allotted time of their stay, Lustgarten established a GoFundMe page to implement better policies in place when dealing with the dogs. The proud owner of a shelter dog himself, the philanthropist will not soon rest until his cause is heard. The investment banker who invests his time educating others on important causes undoubtedly resides in a healthy cycle of work, play, and community service.

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The Power To Concentrate in concepts, Class Dojo is the Solution

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Class dojo is a student centred approach where the teacher is just a facilitator other than a lecturer. The teacher is a personal role model who injects good moral values to the students and not seen as a monster that causes fear to the learners. Class dojo encourages teamwork where learners with the teachers guide discuss and share ideas together through short videos that really motivate and stimulate students. The teacher delegates some work to the learners who after doing their own research they learn more by themselves and the concepts stick in their mind for a long period of time.
Class dojo is an app that has made teaching interesting therefore motivating learners to work hard and achieve more. Students have found classrooms lively and not like before when students termed classrooms as jails to prison their abilities. Teachers work has been reduced to guiding the learners and marking the assignments and sharing the messages to the parents. Students are happy as they receive encouraging messages like; ‘Wow, you worked hard, and look the sky is the limit now”.
The main goal is to understand the concepts freshly as taught by the teacher and apply the same idea in answering all types of questions in exams. Jennifer Ellison a computer teacher at Phillips Elementary in Napa says the technology has brought enormous changes not even to students alone but also to the teachers and parents as well. She uses Class dojo to educate the society that is mostly emulated by students’ good morals. According to Jennifer Ellison, the mindset messages and videos have refreshed the education sector and learning experience has become wonderful.
The PERTS researchers are empowering the concentration power of students in the classroom by introducing a five-part series of exciting animated videos running for 3-4 minutes. Carol Dweck has joined hands together with her colleagues in Stan fords University to make learning sessions become sessions for the exchange of ideas by the learners. According to their research students are motivated by messages of encouragements where they feel appreciated and work more.
Effective learning starts from known to unknown or from simple ideas to complex ideas. Class Dojo has encouraged even those who have difficulties in taking studies find it easier to share their problems through the app and receive immediate help. The teachers have one on one experience with the parents and students making teaching simpler. Class dojo has been embraced in U.S schools and over 180 schools in other countries. Class dojo is the long term solution to all learners.


Should Children Be Put In Adult Situation For Drug Trafficking

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There are too many children and young adults that are believing that drugs are the answer for everything. Drug dealers and drug users begin to believe they can buy and sell drugs without consequence. This is because so many people get away with the drug deals they are creating. Drug abuse is all over the country. Every state is battling the same abuse day after day. It was a problem with older adults. People that were part of the historic Woodstock will tell you that most of the individuals participating were high on life and drugs. This was a sign of this time. Now the youth of the world is passing out the drugs on the playgrounds. They are the ones introducing your child to his first taste of cocaine, pot, or meth. How do we as adults put an end to the drug dealing of children. Do we put them in jail and send them to trial like an adult? They may be making adult decisions to deal drugs but are they really understanding what they are doing? They may have been told that there are consequences to selling or using drugs, but do they really understand? Ross Abelow, and attorney in New York, occasionally faces this type trial when he deals with family issues. Ross helps the children and parents understand the legal issues and what they are facing.

According to the ABA Journal, Children are being tried as an adult in Mexico for selling drugs. Drug Cartels are using minors to traffic and bring drugs across the borders from Mexico to places like Arizona. Children are hoping that they can plead guilty and get probation. Some do but some end up spending a hard time in an adults prison. Is an adult prison the right place for a child? Some of these children were possibly forced to traffic these drugs across the borders. Some may be making their own decisions but does this mean they know what they are getting into? So what should we as an adult legal society do to keep these children out of prison and off the street? The first thing we can do is to put the people that are corrupting the minors in prison for a long time. Parents must take more time with their children. They must make sure their children are not involved in things that could lead them on the wrong paths. You can read the whole article at

Lawyers such as Ross Abelow are setting good examples for the youth of America. Ross not only works as a lawyer for families and corporations, but he also works with the local animal shelters to provide financing through donations on the go fund me for strays account. Ross Abelow hopes he can raise $5000 or more to feed animals on the streets and in the animal shelters. He is doing his part for the community and hopefully more youths will become interested in helping the animals instead of the drug cartel.

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How QNET is Helping Schoolchildren Access Clean and Safe Water

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Clean water is one of the basic human rights. It is however unfortunate and painful that many people all over the world still lack access to clean water. This shortage has not spared learning institutions, which are also grappling with severe water shortages. To supplement government efforts, QNET recently made a pledge to avail water storage facilities to Government Primary School in Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad. This is part of the company’s ongoing benevolent efforts under its CSR, whose banner is “We Care”. 

The firm, which is a global leader in direct selling, is joining forces with the Lions Club of Hyderabad, Swarnapuri, Dist. 316F to supply storage equipment to the learning center. This will ensure that over 800 children who attend the school have access to clean and safe drinking water. In addition, the initiative will put in place measures that guarantee Government Primary School has well-functioning water and sanitary amenities. Currently, it is experiencing difficulties in providing the services to the kids.

The government is already running a campaign known as Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya, which seeks to improve public awareness on issues related to sanitation. QNETs initiative greatly supplements the campaign. The newly formed partnership with the Lions Club of Hyderabad will go beyond the current undertaking because similar programs are in the pipeline. The two organizations will also work with NGO’s that have a similar objective. The two hope to unleash their best corporate social responsibility strategies for the betterment of the society and the environment.

QNET’s humanitarian efforts are driven by two pertinent philosophies. These are Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RHYTHM) and Inservice, which encourages its employees to actively participate in such causes that promote selfless service to mankind. It is also guided by Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, which emphasized communal gratification. 

A Brief Outline about QNET

This is a prominent direct retailing firm, which avails a diversity of life augmenting products that are provided through an online platform. Its services are available to customers in more than 100 countries. The company uses independent representatives who recommend products to clients. Once the products are bought, the representative gets a certain percentage. Since inception in 1988, QNET has achieved substantial growth and currently boasts 25 outlets globally with over 50 stockists under its roost. 

The firm belongs to the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines, among other established lobby organizations. It is also involved in many philanthropic causes and the alleviation of gender imbalances in education and business. To read more about the firm, click on this link: