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Securus Video Visitation Program is the Best Strategy for the Company

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Keeping in touch with family members that are in correction facilities is never an easy task. One has to engage in lengthy queues and long drives just to be with their loved ones. However, the new visitation program created by Securus has made life better for inmates and their families. The visitation program makes use of an internet connection and a web camera to make the connection successful. The service has created an unparalleled convenience for people to get to be with their loved ones. It has even become possible to participate in the daily affairs and activities of families.


People spend time with the families, and this shouldn’t be any different with inmates. Individuals in correction facilities want to be loved like everyone else. They want to spend time with the families and even assist in the opening of gifts. The video visitation makes all this possible. It has made Christmas a lively and desirable experience for inmates. The video visitation program has increased the amount of time that prisoners spend with their families.


Every child values a gift given to them by parents. When the parent is away, children usually feel neglected. It can become a frustrating time for both the parent, child and the family at larger. If one parent is in a correction facility, one can opt for a visitation with the child. In many cases, people have little or no control over prison visitation days. People that are engaged in other activities miss out. Children too never like the experience in the correction facilities. The video visitation comes as a remedy to all these problems. It gives families a chance to engage and share a special time with their loved ones. All these can be achieved from the comfort of your home.


During the Christmas season, Securus Technology has provided a chance for families to interact and speak to their loved ones for longer. The software is already in use in several correction facilities. It has changed communication between families and inmates causing a significant change in the lives of many. Securus Technology is a company that strives to bring the best technology solutions. The company’s motto is connecting what matters. The types of technology communication services availed by the firm show that it remains true to its motto. Securus Technologies understands the significance of the holiday season. They know how important it is to bring families together. That was the main reason it decided to develop the unique communication system.

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Sujit Choudhry and Comparative Law

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Professor Choudhry has done extensive research that addresses a broad range of issues regarding comparative constitutional law. Included is also a constitutional design that serves as a tool for management of the transition from violent conflict to peaceful politics that are in line with democracy.

A constitutional design has different divisions such as decentralization and secession, federalism, constitutional courts, minority and group rights, policy on official language, bill of rights, semi-presidentialism, and proportionality. The context of the transition from authoritarian rule to democratic governance is what is known as constitutional design. The study of comparative law covers areas such as sector oversight, right building, security sector and methodological questions.

Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The Center generates and mobilizes knowledge so as to support the building of the constitution. They do so by assembling and working with the international community whereby they work with experts so as to finish thematic research projects that give policies based on evidence to the practitioners.

The center partners with other networks that are global and multilateral agencies, NGOs, various universities and think tanks. Professor Choudhry is a United Nations Mediation Roster member. He has also worked as a consultant to the World Bank Institute at the World Bank as well as the United Nations Development Program.

He was the Professor of Law at the NYU School of Law before going to Berkeley. He was also the Scholl Chair at the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto. He received the Trudeau Fellowship in 2010 among other three Canadians. It is the Canadian equivalent of MacArthur awards.

He was also a member of Governing Toronto Advisory Panel and it proposed main reforms that helped in building the structure of municipal government in Toronto. It also sat the Board of Directors of Legal Aid Ontario.

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Did Eric Lefkofsky Find The Big Thing In Tech?

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Building A Billion Dollar Fortune

From his college days onward, Eric Lefkofsky has spent most of his time in the world of business. Starting with Brandon Apparel, a clothing business Lefkofsky created during his college days, just about every startup he creates succeeds. It isn’t too hard to find examples of these startups such as Lightbank and Groupon. Reaching the top of his industry required anticipation and long term foresight from Lefkofsky. Fortunately, he specializes in making accurate predictions.

Always Making The Right Guess

A successful entrepreneur succeeds by finding and following trends in business. Eric Lefkofsky’s success in venture capitalism is largely due to understanding where technology is headed before others and capitalizing on it. Before he created Groupon, Lefkofsky understood the potential of a website connecting local businesses to customers. Giving these businesses a platform to find customers was an obviously good idea, so Eric Lefkofsky went with it. Groupon went on to generate so much success that it actually broke records. In 2010, Groupon reached $1 billion in revenue faster than any other company in history. That success was far from a random fluke.

A Foundation Of Progress

In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Lefkofsky has made philanthropy an important part of his life. He accomplishes most of his philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through his personal foundation Lefkofsky provides financial contributions to charities across the world. The charities he helps run the gamut from scientific research to medical services, but children are the strongest focus of the Lefkofsky Foundation. Lefkofsky is well aware that the position he finds himself in today is the result of both aptitude and opportunity. Through his philanthropy Lefkofsky seeks to provide others with this chance as well.

Cancer Is In His Sights

Tempus is the most recent startup of Lefkofsky’s, and his goals with this startup are greater than his previous endeavors. Tempus is a analytics company providing services for physicians treating cancer patients. Using the unique genomic sequence of each patient, Tempus creates a treatment solution tailored to the needs of each patient. One patient may respond to immunotherapy better than another, while another patient may make better use of certain drugs. Through this approach, Lefkofsky hopes to foster the growth of personalized medicine. Eventually, everyone will have a medical plan specifically tailored to the specific DNA and life history of that individual.

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ClassDojo Raises Capital to Grow

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ClassDojo, a free app, has closed their second round of fund raising to a total of 21 million. This round of funding will help to grow their team and start working on at home features. The educational tech start up intends to turn a profit eventually, but the founders, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, are waiting for a time to start charging for features. This app helps teachers connect parents to their students’ educational experience in an effortless way. Many teachers are bogged down by other tasks and do not get a chance to catch the moments parents want to see.

This communication app has changed the way classrooms work by increasing the amount of positive communication. The culture has changed from the ground up. Teachers are able to communicate with parents on a daily basis. This continuous flow of communication between teachers and parents make the rare conferences less of a surprise. Teachers can communicate about progress or student work, which is why the founders compare the growth of the app to more of a social network.

This free app is now used by 2 of 3 teachers across the classroom to stay connected to parents. Recently, they started to released educational videos and other resources to help guide conversations at home. Their work with Stanford show a collaborative effort on videos to educate children and parents about growth mindset. ClassDojo hopes to expand at home features to help parents with their students at home and guide their conversations at home.

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A Lot Of Excitement For College Football Bowl Season In The Betting Markets This Year

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There is a lot of excitement about the college football bowl season this year. Not only are the fans of the game and the teams excited, but so are those who like to bet on the game. It is a season which is seeing betting action like many have never seen before., a website that talks about everything to do with the sports gambling world, talks about which games are gaining the most attention this season from those who like to put their money where their mouth is.

Consider the West Virginia vs. Miami game in the Russell Athletic bowl this year. Among NCAAF odds this year, it is one that is garnering a lot of attention. In the last four games of the season Miami was able to bet the line that was set for it by the books. That came after mid-season difficulties to do so. On the other side of the coin, West Virginia only went 5-7 against the spread, but they are considered the stronger team by many despite being ruled an underdog in this game. The line in this one has been flowing back and forth rapidly though, so it will be interesting to see where these college football odds are at kickoff.

Another bowl game to watch according to is the Holiday Bowl between Minnesota and Washington State. These two teams are not considered nearly as even as the first game mentioned. In fact, at the time of this writing Washington State is considered a touchdown favorite to win this game.

Washington State is ranked and Minnesota is not. Not only that but Washington State has been a better bet than Minnesota throughout the season.

Of course, the games that are generating the most attention and therefore the most money on both sides are the playoff games between the top four teams. These are the games each year that are the most watched and that people want to throw their money at. It doesn’t matter who you are from a professional gambler to a casual sports fan, these are the games that you are the most likely to bet on.

The lines on these two games have been moving a lot but so far the public seems to think that Alabama is a heavy favorite in their game and likely a heavy favorite to repeat its national title. They are the number one team in the country and have not lost a game all year, so perhaps this should be the least surprising gambling line of all this year.

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David Osio Unveils an Application for Real Estate

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There is a new application in town and it is called the CAP calculator launched by a real estate group: Davos. The purpose of the mobile application is to establish the returns a client makes on an investment in real estate. Davos Real Estate Group (REG) is a market leader in Latin America. It is an independent company forming the Davos Financial Group. As a financial adviser, this business helps clients come up with investment strategies.



On iPhones and Android Phones



The executive director of REG has been working closely with the tech team to ensure that this application is up and ready. This application can be used on iPhones successfully. It can also be used on Android phones to help clients establish their returns on investments. This application is just the first in a series of others which will help clients not only to determine their returns on investments, but to also to identify the location of such properties. The applications will also help clients to forward reports on real estate to their agents through a chat interphase.



David Osio, speaking about the origin of the technology, said it was REG’s objective to develop such an application so as to assist clients through the financial maze in real estate. Gerard Gonzalez was also pleased to say that the technology was going to assist clients have financial clarity when purchasing property. Adding to the advantages of the application, Gonzalez said it would be able to assist clients to estimate rent prices on property.



The applications will also have a mortgage calculator allowing clients estimate their mortgage against bank projections. Clients will also determine the funding period and the interest. Apart from the technological advances made, REG has been working towards strategic international partnerships. The idea is to expand its market to Europe with Spain being the first to benefit. REG expanded its platform to 60% translating closely to 75% in sales increment in the first quarter of 2016.



David Osio



David is founder and Chief Executive of a group of companies: Davos Financial based in Venezuela. He has grown the company so that several independent branches have been positioned in strategic cities like Geneva, New York, Panama and Miami.



Osio graduated from Catholic University in Venezuela. He has also specialized in Banking Law having studied Advanced Management at EstudiosSuperiores. In 1984 after successfully completing his graduate program he joint a Caracas Law firm, MGO, where he was in charge of corporate clients. He later worked at Banco Latino International in America: Miami. He rose to the position of Vice president. He would later venture into private business in 1993 to start REG.


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Sam Boraie Is The Community Leader New Brunswick Needs

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As the son of beloved real estate developer Omar Boraie, Sam Boraie proudly carries the title of Vice President of Boraie Development. With a passion for philanthropy, Sam’s involvement in the community goes above and beyond the structures he helps create. Sam’s spot on the Board of Trustees for New Brunswick’s historical State Theatre reflects Boraie Development’s support for the performing arts, while his position on the advisory board for the nonprofit organization Elijah’s Promise shows Sam Boraie’s dedication to helping out the less fortunate in his community.

Boraie Development has been instrumental in turning New Brunswick from a dwindling, downtrodden city into a bustling metropolis full of beautiful buildings and modern architecture. Omar Boraie began his work in the city in 1972, where he faced much criticism and doubt as he bought up the city’s vacant and dilapidated buildings. Those critics were soon eating their words as his first building, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, flourished during the 1980s and 90s. Boraie Development continued their city-wide improvement plan by building high-class residential units in the form of the city’s tallest building. With its impressive architecture and luxury amenities, the property sold out within two months of its opening in 2007. Having remastered much of the city’s look, Boraie Development plans to keep creating luxury residences and quality office spaces that will draw in professionals looking for a safe, beautiful city to call home.

Read more: Sam Boraie – Vice President @ Boraie Development

Sam’s investment in the city also shines through in his support for local art and theater programs, where Sam Boraie proudly sits on the board of trustees for the New Jersey State Theatre. Established in 1921, the theater has been home to a wide variety of performing arts. Beginning with vaudeville and silent films, continuing through the Golden Age of Hollywood and finishing with a renovation and reopening in 2004, the theater has remained a central part of the New Brunswick community for nearly a century. These days, patrons can enjoy international orchestras, Broadway plays, comedy shows, dance troupes, family events and more. As a not-for-profit presenting hall, it relies heavily on the support of people like Sam Boraie. Sam is proud of his involvement with the theater and honored to have Boraie Development support such an important community feature.

Elijah’s Promise is another part of what makes New Brunswick so special. With a mission revolving around fighting hunger and poverty, Elijah’s Promise runs such programs as a soup kitchen, a catering business, and even a culinary arts training program that prepares students for jobs in the food service industry. Sam Boraie sits on the advisory board and is committed to helping Elijah’s Promise succeed in its many projects.

Whether he’s mapping out New Brunswick’s latest luxury loft, supporting the New Jersey State Theatre’s upcoming play or ensuring Elijah’s Promise is able to continue delivering food to the hungry, Sam Boraie is truly a community leader.

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Executive Leaders

David Osio Career

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Investing in real estate is a great way to transform your finances. There are a lot of people who are trying to invest in order to generate cash flow and prepare themselves for retirement. With all of the options out there today, it can be difficult to find a deal. In addition, working with a bank to get financing on a loan is much more difficult when it is an investment property. David Osio is someone who has a lot of experience in the real estate industry. He wants to help as many people as he can during the process to help them get to the next level financially. With his new app that he is developing, many real estate investors will have a better opportunity to succeed with their financial goals.


David Osio


From the time he was in college, David Osio has always been passionate about real estate. With his many years of experience in the field, he knows what it takes to get to the next level. There are a lot of people who are working to try and invest more in the real estate industry. David Osio knows that a lot of people are too late to the game. Real estate has gone up dramatically since 2010, and many people are having trouble affording the monthly payments on their debt.




Getting approved for financing on an investment property is much more difficult than a typical mortgage. A lot of people have to jump through hoops and be in a good financial approval in order to get money to buy a property. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to help in this process. If you come to the table with limited debt and a higher income, this will obviously help in that process. Overall, always make sure that you have a plan to pay the money back over time. Never borrow money if you feel like you are going to have a hard time in this area.


Final Thoughts


There are a lot of people who are looking to take their finances to a new level in the coming year. With all of the changes in the economy, real estate is looking like a great investment for many people. David Osio is developing an app that will help investors with properties that they can invest in.

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Brian Bonar/Venture Capital

Just Who Is Brian Bonar

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Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world aren’t household names? Case In Point: Have you ever heard of Brian Bonar? Brian Bonar personifies this notion because he’s one of the top financial executives in Southern California, but many people in the area have never heard of him. Mr. Bonar is pretty much brilliant when it comes to finance/business.

He has been in the game for decades and has a long list of satisfied customers and an impressive resume to back up all claims. Bonar is so dedicated to his practice that he’s the CEO/Chairman of (Trucept) as well as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Services. If there’s one person who could handle this much business is Bonar thanks to his impressive educational background.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has worked for many prominent companies such as IBM, Smart-Tek Automated services, and Allegiant Professional Services. Bonar holds a Ph.D, Bachelors Degree in Technical Engineering as well as Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Much of this knowledge came from James Watt Technical College and the prestigious Stafford University. Of course he has a brilliant mind to start with and these excellent higher learning institutions enhances his intelligent to the fullest. In 2010 he was awarded the “Who’s Who Award” for Financial Executive of the Year. It just seems like whatever he put’s his mind to, he accomplishes it in flying colors. Brian Bonar’s expertise can’t be denied as he plays a crucial role with his practice.

His specialties include dealing with mergers, sales, acquisitions, venture capital, and sourcing. His personal portfolio is astounding as well as he’s one of the most diverse individuals whom work in the fields of retail, commercial, aviation, K-12 Education projects, and multi-family housing. Being such a savvy businessman, Bonar has become an entrepreneur as he now owns a chain of successful restaurants.

Bellamy’s is the name and great food is the game. Bellamy’s is huge in San Diego thanks to it’s diverse nation and international cuisines. These lavish dining establishments has a great fun atmosphere, beautiful wall art, and luxury plush seating. Bellamy’s also has a brilliant master chef and a fully knowledgeable staff to handle all of the public’s general cuisine needs.

All in all, Brain Bonar is simply a successful individual because he has put in the time, effort, and work which has thrust him to this high status.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology E-Library

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Professor Carlos Brebbia is the founder of Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT). Since inception, the company has provided the international scientific community with a platform to exchange information and ideas in the industry. The different types of activities carried out in the educational institution have helped them create productive links with other leading institutions and organizations.

WIT activities

The Wessex Institute of Technology carries out various activities from its locations in New Forest National Park, England. They have made collaborations with other academic institutions in offering graduate programs up to the doctorate level. WIT also engages in research on damage mechanics, environmental modeling, and fluid mechanics, industrial research and information communication technology. Other Segments that the institute engages in includes holding conferences and publishing.

The WIT E-library

Wessex Institute of Technology e-library gives online access to international conference papers and international journals published at the institution’s press. WIT’s library provides access to over 28, 000 peer-reviewed papers, where 27,000 of them are accessible to anyone. WIT e-library charges $38 to download a document in Adobe PDF format. It is easy to access about any latest research paper from the e-library ranging from engineering sciences, built environment, biomedicine and health, ecology and environment, information and communications technology, as well as science and engineering.