Market America Convention 2017: Celebrating 25 Years of Entrepreneurial Success

Market America is one of the biggest online stores we have in the market today. Like all successful businesses, Market America’s success story is one of sheer determination and hence the recent celebrations. The Market America Convention 2017 will go down history lanes as the best event ever to be conducted in the history of the company. Market America Convention 2017 was not only an assembly of over 23,000 UnFranchise Owners and guest celebrities but also a celebration of the greatest milestones achieved by the company in its 25 years of existence.

Some of the celebrity entrepreneurs that graced the impressive JR & Loren Ridinger organized Market America Convention 2017 included Fat Joe, La La Anthony, Scottie Pippen, Jamie Foxx, Amare Stoudemire, Alicia Keys, Alexis Stoudemire, Esther Houston, and Swizz Beatz among others. In addition to the celebrity guests, the event was also a hive of successful UnFranchise Owners who came out in large numbers not only to learn more about the business but also to enjoy in its success.

About Market America Unfranchise

With the advancement in technology being witnessed today, online marketing plays a vital role in the prosperity of any business. One company that is helping businesses and their owners make enormous strides in the market is Market America. Through the Market America Unfranchise business model, business owners have an opportunity to work with the company without relying on their network. However, to enjoy the success of this model having the right attitude and mindset is key; this is according to Market America’s Vice President in charge of strategy.

Unlike with the franchising model, the Unfranchise model offers a user with the freedom to work out their own business from scratch through the company’s platform. Setting the right mindset is important as it helps you make corrections and learn the many different ways you need to grow your business.