Festive Gift-Shopping Guide by The RealReal

The RealReal is a retail store that has specialized in selling luxury products ranging from bags, shoes, watches, male and female apparels, kids’ items as well as home improvement items such as furniture. The RealReal was founded by Julie L. Wainwright where she began by selling things from her home.

Today, the retail store has gained a lot of popularity and has even collaborated with a variety of designer brands for all products sold on the platform. The RealReal has very many employees as well as locations. Moreover, the retail store also ships products worldwide.

The RealReal recently revealed festive ‘wish list’ report that highlighted a list of top brands that have received a high resale value. According to the report issued by the retail store, some brands have shown a consistent increase in resale value, for example, the ladies’ Hermes brand has shown cumulatively about 65% increase in the resale value over the years. The report also highlighted the brands that have been declining in their resale value such as Tom Ford, Tory Burch as well as Miu Miu.

In the report issued by The RealReal, the brand Gucci was termed as the most popular gift-able brand, especially for the men. The reason behind this was the sleek and straightforward nature of the sneakers that have been selling out especially during this festive season. Gucci was also highlighted as having a high resale value increase in the ladies’ section due to pieces from the GG Collection that have become quite popular in 2018.

Aside from clothes, some jewelry brands were also named in the store’s report, especially the Van Cleef & Arpels, as well as the Rolex watch for men. The brands have had a significant rise in the resale value in 2018, and have thus made it to the top of the festive wish list.

This report from The RealReal is supposed to help luxury brand buyers on what gifts to get their loved ones as a lifetime investment. The RealReal’s marketer terms the report as a guide to gift shopping for its shoppers.