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William Saito is Championing Changes in Cybersecurity

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During his early days at elementary school, William H. Saito demonstrated high levels of basic computing and software programming. Demonstrating computer skills at such a young age is not expected due to the complex language and procedures. However, William continued to portray his talent at various stages along his education. At high school, he found a new company which would later be sold to Microsoft, one of the leading technology company in the world. At this stage, the talented man had been recognized as one of the upcoming entrepreneurs in the world by various bodies such as USA Today and NASDAQ among others.


William’s profile would further grow when he relocated to Tokyo where he started another company, InTecur, which was focused on identifying innovative solutions, identifying talented individuals, while at the same time supporting startup companies to achieve their goals and objectives. Starting a venture capital consultancy firm made William Saito to be named in the list of most influential 100 people in Japan. His start grew further when he was appointed in various bodies including holding a political office in strategy and policy formulation under Prime Minister. Also,


William has served in other influential organizations such as World Economic Forum and Technology Officer in Fukushima nuclear investigation board among others.

William Saito is highly interested in technology related ventures where his expertise in cybersecurity has been top notch. It is clear that his knowledge is highly focused on changing the world for better. Currently, issues to do with cybercrime have dominated the technology sphere with many organizations and government bodies reporting various incidences. William has been teaching in several universities on securing the new found technology from manipulation by imposters who are focused on interfering with data of private companies. Providing security measures shows that William is a person with liberal philosophies of making technology secure.

A recent interview highlighted William Saito as a passionate person, especially when it comes to technology-related factors. Asked about what makes him excited, William responded that living in a technologically diverse era that is changing fast makes him enthusiastic. Some of the elements he highlighted include mobile applications that are focused on solving real-world problems, artificial intelligence, block-chain technology, and machine language. William continued to emphasize that what makes these factors exciting is that they are making the world a better place to live while at the same time making different operations to be conducted in a more efficient process.