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A Look at Some of the Lessons Rocketship Education has Learnt Over its First Decade

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Ten years ago, Rocketship opened its first school in a church basement located in San Jose, California. Currently, it has grown into a network of charter schools that have made a tremendous impact in the communities it serves. However, a decade down the line, Rocketship still sees itself as a work in progress since it is still learning how to serve the communities and students better. With this experience comes several important lessons as follows:

  • Acknowledging the power of Parents

Since Rocketship schools only provide elementary education, parents must organize, engage and advocate for high-quality high and middle schools. During the past decade, the network has witnessed such a movement take shape in San Jose with Rocketship parents such as Karen Martinez helping to open high-quality schools.

  • Personalized Learning begins at Home

The network is a pioneer of personalized learning and staunch supporter for the integration of technology to support learning. Nonetheless, Rocketship believes that personalized learning goes beyond technology. In fact, it entails an in-depth understanding of the distinct interests and needs of each family and student.

  • Defining your Mindset

Although creating a culture of continuous learning is ideal, it does not favor everybody since not all educators can handle having a coach in class on a weekly basis. For this reason, Rocketship finds educators who have a mindset that complements the network’s model.

Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education operates as a non-profit network made up of public charter schools that serve disadvantaged communities countrywide. John Danner and Preston Smith are the brains behind the inception of the network in 2006. The mission behind the formation of Rocketship was to get rid of the achievement gap through creating a sustainable and scalable school model, which drives student achievement in marginalized communities around the nation.

All Rocketship charter schools aim and strive to develop excellent educators, propel student potential, and collaborate with parents who allow high-quality public schools to flourish in their community. For this reason, the success of this non-profit network is dependent on various stakeholders like teachers, parents, students and community organizations who all work together to diversify the future for low-income communities around the country.



Sujit Choudhry and Center for Constitutional Transition: July Workshop in Ukraine Focused on Continuing Nation’s Democratization Efforts

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It’s been nearly 3 decades since the fall of Soviet communism. The satellite nations created in the aftermath of that collapse still struggle with internal governmental instabilities to this day. Ukraine has made some progress towards a democracy, but its efforts have been hampered by imbalances and unclear divisions in the power distributions of its struggling governmental entities.

Founder of the Center for Constitutional Transition and the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at University of California, Berkeley School of Law, Sujit Choudhry, met with a consortium of think tank experts and internal representatives of Ukraine in July of this year to discuss democratization of the former Soviet country.

In collaboration with Constitution Building Programme Manager of International IDEA Sumit Bisarya, Viktor Musiaka, representing the Supreme Council of 1996, and Sergyi Holovatyi on behalf of the Constitutional Commission of Ukraine, the Center for Policy and Legal Reform met in a round table discussion workshop to develop solutions to the political instabilities within Ukraine as well as to continue progress with transitioning Ukraine’s government into a true democracy.

The primary efforts of the workshop addressed inequities in the power distribution between the legislative and executive branches of government, with an emphasis on bolstering the legislature’s role in Ukraine’s political system and creating separation between the roles and authorities of the President and the Prime Minister, which overlap in critical areas.

Through its bringing together of its global network of leading experts, The Center for Constitutional Transitions generates knowledge, supporting democratic constitution construction and delivering evidence-based policy options for decision-makers throughout the world.

Sujit Choudhry and The Center for Constitutional Transitions

Beginning his legal career as a clerk to the Canadian Supreme Court Chief Justice Antonio Lamer, Sujit Choudhry has been active in Western policy drafting for more than 20 years.

Founded by Sujit Choudhry in 2012, the Center for Constitutional Transitions works with over 50 experts from NGO’s, multilateral organizations, decision makers and think tanks in more than 25 countries to promote the spread of democracy. Today, the Center for Constitutional Transitions is a global leader, assisting with democratic constitution construction. For his latest work, head over to

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According to, Sujit Choudhry earned his law degrees from the University of Toronto, Oxford University and an LL.M from Harvard University’s School of Law.  For added info, hit

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NuoDb Can Keep Up With Any Environment

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NuoDB has built-in architecture that allows it to make optimizations around storage, replication, and redundancy without the risk of u=running into any disk limitations. NuoDB lets you run it in your environment of choice and you can rest assured because all massages between NuoDB processes are always automatically encrypted.

NuoDB lets you maximize all of your resources and minimize application and client latencies. Its in-memory caches will automatically adjust for the best workload performance and you can even add or remove scale-out compute power or redundant storage without ever stopping your database services.

NuoDB can withstand failure at every level, including of a host, of a region or data center, or of a process, without ever bringing down your application. You can even integrate policy management and cloud database tools through its interface.

With NuoDB, you can migrate application code using its in-database processing for better performance using Java procedures and standard SQL database procedures.

NuoDB will deliver a smarter database that is fully capable of adapting to any software organizations. NuoDB combines scale-out simplicity with elasticity and availability to bring you the consistency and durability that you require. NuoDB can keep up to the demands of any environment very easily.


Cassio Audi – Helping His Clients Achieve Long-Term Business and Investment Goals

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Brazil’s economy is considered one of the fastest growing in the world, and the recent years, many of the major asset management companies have started their operations in the country to help enterprises there to manage their assets. Investment management is one of the fastest developing sectors in Brazil, and the country has the seventh largest asset management market in the world presently. It is because of this reason that many new asset management companies are surfacing these days in Brazil to assist high net worth individuals as well as corporate companies to manage their assets and help with making smart investments.

Investment management strategy is as good as the investment managers who make it, and therefore, it is important to have smart investment managers who can help with wealth creation over a period. Investment managers should have comprehensive and updated knowledge and information about the financial market and must be able to make quick decisions in regards to finances, assets, and investments, to generate revenue and get expected results.

One of the most trusted investment managers in Brazil is Cassio Audi, who has an exceptional track record of providing result oriented investment strategies to his clients. With over two decades of experience in the Brazilian Investment Management field, Cassio Audi has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the Brazilian finance sector that helps him provide his clients with cutting edge business, finance, and investment strategies that work.

Cassio Audio has done his BBM from Pontifical Catholic University, and MBA from Sao Paulo University. Cassio Audi’s expertise lies in many different aspects of business management, starting from resource management to investor relations, and from business development to strategic planning, and more. Cassio Audi has worked with many top finance companies in Brazil and continued to help his clients with asset and investment management with confidence.

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