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Securus Technology: Latest News and Brief Information

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This will revolve around a company called Securus Technologies and their latest acquisition on GovPayNet. On Thursday January 4th 2018 Securus announced that it has got GovPayNet Government Payment Service Inc. as a piece of the plan to extended its business of payment service. GovPayNet is a solution-oriented processor of debit and credit card payment to agencies of the government.



That particular company gives consumers services. These services are payment processing ones for court costs and fines, some examples are traffic violations and speeding and parking violations. The services of GovPayNet are given to more than thirty-five states holding more than 2,300 agencies. This covers in every United State county over twenty-six percent. Something that Mark MacKenzie from GovPayNet hopes, is that a combination with JPay and Securus organizations will win new business in modern areas, increase revenue, and move up the ability they have to put in more services.


Now some general information regarding Securus Technologies. This company is located in Dallas, Texas. It also has one in Atlanta, Georgia, and four regional offices in the Dallas metro area. Securus is one of the biggest providers of government information, parolee tracking, and detainee communications. The main focus of this company is to give responsive, comprehensive, and innovative customer service. This company had been operating since 1986. It can hold up 501 to 1000 employees. This company right now gives services to about 2,600 correctional facilities in forty-five states. It is currently a recognized leader in providing customer service that is responsive, the sole focus is the specialized needs of the communities of law enforcement and corrections. This company has thousands of the agencies of those groups rely on Securus. They are relied on by solutions that are powerful, secure, and simple. They are always easy and accessible to utilize.




Prison Communication


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Securus Technologies is indeed a name to reckon with in any correctional field, and it offers a variety of brands and exceptional services to the correctional organizations, criminal justice, and civil systems. The firm continually innovates new ideologies and products which not only make the lives of inmates better but also makes the law enforcers have an easy time managing the inmates, making the whole operation successful.


Securus Technologies majorly focus on providing an attentive and fast client service which has earned the company a prominent award in the corporate world. The company has an excellent client service training professionals and has served over fifteen million clients to date. The firm aims at growing and expanding its investor and clients which is a significant reason why the firm showcase the law enforcement officers’ feelings about it.


The company’s Headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. I can boldly affirm that the company commits to connect and serve by giving emergency responses, information, communication, investigation and monitoring services that make the world safer. The technologically advanced brands offered by Securus Technologies help reduce the crime rates, keeping the correctional spaces more conducive and more reliable than before.


I am majorly impressed by the firm’s vision which aims at developing and accessing emerging talents and capabilities which further improves the effectiveness of the jail security systems and allows effective investigations. As a senior law enforcement officer, I have been employed in various technology firms, but I can proudly say that Securus Technologies has substantial competitive advantages compared to its rivals.


The company has made a name in the corporate world by bringing new technologies to life which make the law enforcement profession easier and safer for the officials but challenging for the criminals. I must admit that I am very proud of Securus Technologies.



Prison Communication

Securus Technologies on the Hunt for Fugitives

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When my fugitive task force has to hunt down a suspect, we will make use of any resource possible. This month we had a very challenging situation on our hands, a dangerous fugitive was getting help from a local gang to keep him out of the spotlight, so he could commit his crimes and slip into their safety net at night. Each time we tried to get closer, he would simply disappear behind the shield of the members of that gang. Without informants, family, or friends, this was going to be a very difficult job of getting the suspect into custody.


When we made a visit to the jail to try and get some help from inmates, it became apparent how difficult this was going to be. The huge population of inmates in the jail were all aware of our presence and none were willing to do anything to hurt one of their own. Little did they know that was exactly what we were hoping for, because we had Securus Technologies on our side. The inmate call monitoring system was capable of listening to all the calls made by inmates and locating specific chatter pertaining to our suspect.


What happened next was the inmates took to the phones as expected, and they were trying to get a message to their brothers that we were getting closer. What they didn’t realize is that those low-level gang members had no filters, and they were yelling and screaming about things that could have gotten them in trouble with the higher-ranking gang members. We took the information we gathered from the Securus Technologies and we raced to the location the inmate was whining about, and we were able to identify exactly where the fugitive was in hiding. Now he is reunited with brothers in the jail he deserved to be in.

Prison Communication

Securus Video Visitation Program is the Best Strategy for the Company

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Keeping in touch with family members that are in correction facilities is never an easy task. One has to engage in lengthy queues and long drives just to be with their loved ones. However, the new visitation program created by Securus has made life better for inmates and their families. The visitation program makes use of an internet connection and a web camera to make the connection successful. The service has created an unparalleled convenience for people to get to be with their loved ones. It has even become possible to participate in the daily affairs and activities of families.


People spend time with the families, and this shouldn’t be any different with inmates. Individuals in correction facilities want to be loved like everyone else. They want to spend time with the families and even assist in the opening of gifts. The video visitation makes all this possible. It has made Christmas a lively and desirable experience for inmates. The video visitation program has increased the amount of time that prisoners spend with their families.


Every child values a gift given to them by parents. When the parent is away, children usually feel neglected. It can become a frustrating time for both the parent, child and the family at larger. If one parent is in a correction facility, one can opt for a visitation with the child. In many cases, people have little or no control over prison visitation days. People that are engaged in other activities miss out. Children too never like the experience in the correction facilities. The video visitation comes as a remedy to all these problems. It gives families a chance to engage and share a special time with their loved ones. All these can be achieved from the comfort of your home.


During the Christmas season, Securus Technology has provided a chance for families to interact and speak to their loved ones for longer. The software is already in use in several correction facilities. It has changed communication between families and inmates causing a significant change in the lives of many. Securus Technology is a company that strives to bring the best technology solutions. The company’s motto is connecting what matters. The types of technology communication services availed by the firm show that it remains true to its motto. Securus Technologies understands the significance of the holiday season. They know how important it is to bring families together. That was the main reason it decided to develop the unique communication system.