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Insight to the Life of Thor Halvorssen

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Thor Halvorssen Mendoza is a Venezuelan based human rights activist. Thor is also a film producer and has contributed significantly in the fields of Public Policy, Public interest advocacy, civil rights, and pro-democracy advocacy among many others. Thor is described by many as a champion for the powerless. His career as an activist began in 1989 by championing for the end of apartheid in South Africa. Mendoza’s father became a political prisoner, and this act prompted him to get involved in full time as a promoter of due-process. In 2004, his mother was shot in a political protest. Her death prompted him to start a human rights foundation. The foundation is based in New York City.1)

The organization deals in the advocacy for political prisoners and promotion of democracy in Latin America. Since its inception, the foundation has secured the release of seven prisoners. It has also contributed to the provision of evidence in truth commissions. Additionally, the foundation has published on matters relating to human rights and the responsibilities of the state to its citizens. Thor is the founder and head of Oslo Freedom Forum. The forum is an international gathering where human rights activist meets and share ideas. Thor is the patron at a children peace movement called On Own Feet.

Halvorssen filming career is based or seeks to address human rights and advocate against dictatorial rule. He is currently working on a film adapted from the novel called The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. In the movie Freedoms Fury, Thor acted as a co-producer. In the film industry, he received a recognition award for the Hammer and Tickle film. Its cast taught on the importance of humor, ridicule, and satire as the means to shed light on the truth under tyrannical rule. He has been instrumental in Estonia’s peaceful struggle for political independence. The film received a standing ovation and became the best-selling documentary in the Estonian box-office industry. In regards to human trafficking, Halvorssen produced the Sugar Babies, a film that advocated for the rights and plight of the migrant farm workers.

Halvorssen has been awarded by the University of Pennsylvania with the Sol Feinstone Award. The recognition is purposely for defending and protecting student speech. Thor was awarded a silver medal in commemoration of the Romanian Revolution of 1989.

Human Rights/Activism

Fox News Hostess Gets Served By Thor Halvorsse, Founder Of Human Rights Foundation

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There was this crazy interview on Fox news recently. You might’ve seen it on your social media news feed because the three-minute clip has become viral. The banner on the video reads “When Fox News Tries To Slam Bernie Sanders, And It Backfires”. If you watch the video it becomes apparent that the Fox News anchor and the interviewee, Thor Halvorssen, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation, are trying to talk about two different things. It’s almost as if they are two trains on different tracks but on a collision course. And watching the resulting train wreck unfold on live television is pretty amazing.

First of all, Fox News gets this guy Thor Halvorssen on-air to try to slam socialism. According to, Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist and not a politician. All the guy cares about is human rights violations, especially the ones perpetuated by authoritarian dictators around the planet. The guy obviously has no problem with socialism. He keeps telling the interviewer that socialism isn’t necessarily bad. He even throws Norway, Sweden and Denmark at the hostess as examples of awesome socialist countries that do not violate human rights.

Watching the Fox News anchor then try to get this human rights activist to say that socialism is bad gets pretty funny. It’s a poorly veiled attempt at slamming Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders is a self-avowed democratic socialist. She keeps pushing and pushing this idea that socialism is bad and then it blows up right in her face.

Thor Halvorssen feels the Bern. He says it right there on live television, saying that he’s thrown a couple thousand dollars his way. That’s the train back caused by Fox News. They got the wrong guy to interview about Bernie Sanders. The interview gets a little tense and Thor Halvorssen picks up his pace to explain that Hillary Clinton and the Republican front runners support dictators. Dictators violate human rights, not socialism or Bernie Sanders, according to the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. And Fox News gets schooled on the fact that their leading candidates support dictators like Vladimir Putin. Find Halvorssen on Facebook to see what else he is involved with lately.