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Saving Lives With The Lifeline Screening

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Preventative healthcare is extremely important. It is helpful to get checked out from time to time to make sure that you are still healthy. Preventative healthcare allows individuals the opportunity to check on things immediately and catch something quickky, just in case there is something to worry about. When you go to get a check up, your doctor does a series of tests. These tests are needed to verify your health and well-being and to see if there are any underlying issues, that might creep up later. One key benefit about preventative healthcare is that most health insurance plans cover preventative care.Currently, there is a program that gives preventative health screenings to people in the United States.

Lifeline Screening is a company that provides preventative healthcare screenings to individuals curious about their health. The screenings provided by Lifeline Screening has the ability to catch an issue before it becomes a serious problem. The company provides various screenings that look at different issues or different parts of the body. Lifeline Screening has three types of health screenings. These health screenings are blood screenings, ultrasound screenings, and electrocardiogram screenings. Each type of screening looks at different parts of the body. The ultrasound screening looks for aortic aneurysm, cartoid disease, and bone mineral density.

The blood screening detects changes in glucose, looks at a complete lipid panel, and looks for elevated liver enzymes. The electrocardiogram screening looks for irregular heartbeats in individuals.Lifeline Screening also screens for some cancers including lung, prostate, and colorectal. People can also go to this company to get a thyroid disease screening done, as well as a screening for chronic kidney disease.The Lifeline Screening is a great resource for people looking for a affordable way check their and the screening can be tailored certain illnesses or issues. With Lifeline Screening, everyone can be on the road to good health.


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The leadership at the top of Innovacare

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Innovacare is a company that gives managed healthcare services to quite a large client base in Puerto Rico. The company entered the market when there were few others who had dared get there and with time, they have become the care provider of choice to many. Over the years, the company has been growing and making the changes that would help it become bigger and serve their clients better. Some of the latest changes they have made is the recruitment of a few fresh faces to the top leadership. These include Richard Shinto, who is the new CEO and Penelope Kokkinides who is the current chief administrative officer. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance.

Penelope gave an interview on ideamensch about her work ethic and related issues and these are some of the things that she had to say. First, when she was asked about how she makes her day productive, she stated that she make sure that no day in her life looks exactly like the other. She believes that the secret to success is ensuring that one is one the move and that fresh air is the one thing that makes her day perfect.

When asked how she manages to bring abstract ideas to life, Penelope stated that her secret weapon is the team she works with because these are the people who help bring ideas to life and make sense of them. She believes that they synergy between her and the team is the reason they are so successful. When asked about the trend that excites her the most, she stated that technology and all the innovations it has brought are her best bet because they have made communication and traveling from one place to the other so much easier. She says that as an entrepreneur, spending some time at night thinking about the following day is the one thing that keeps her productive. She says that even though she has never had bad jobs, she has been assigned to roles she didn’t enjoy, but they helped her grow.

Richard Shinto on the other hand is the overall CEO of the Innovacare. Prior to his appointment to the position, he was working as the CEO at MMM healthcare. Shinto has also worked with companies such as Aveta, Inc. The man has more than 20 years of experience in the sector and has been a chief medical officer at NAMM. He got his medical degree from the University of New York and his MBA from the University of Redlands.

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Discover InnovaCare For Quality Management And Physician Services

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Rick Shinto, M.D., MBA & President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrator Officer are leading the forefront in healthcare management and physician services. They have worked hard to pioneer the Medicare Advantage Program. You get the same services under the original Medicare plan, but get additional medical and prescription coverage for a monthly premium. Often times, seniors don’t get the medical attention that they need and they want to make the services affordable and offer extended services to their clients. Customers have the option of choosing the healthcare plan that works best for them meeting their medical demands.

InnovaCare Health has extended Medicare Advantage Plans that include Special Needs Plans, Provider Sponsored Organizations, and Medicare Medical Savings Accounts that extend your prescription coverage. You still have access to Medicare under the Medicare Advantage Plan. You can sign up for a part A or B premium under the InnovaCare plans offered through Medicare Advantage. You should talk to your provider to see what services are covered under your unique plan. Furthermore, when you’re choosing a plan it should be one that meets your express medical needs. A percentage of your cost is covered by coinsurance paid by the government.


They have (2) avenues of primary care including Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage that are committed to creative and cost effective healthcare models. They utilize integrated health care technology. Their goal is to redefine healthcare for the people that need it most because of their economic status. You get services that aren’t covered under Medicare like routine vision and dental care. They have mastered quality coordinated healthcare technology that provides better care at a reasonable price. You can save hundreds of dollars each year for the cost of your prescription medication.

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Talk to your healthcare provider to determine what plan works best for you. For example, the special needs program covers special services that may apply to you. The fix amount that you pay is a copayment. The goal of InnovaCare Health is to minimize your out-of-pocket costs. There is also a Medicare part D plan available. Part D covers the cost of prescription drugs. However, before you make changes to your plan you should consult with your physician. InnovaCare believes in building their team to have the most impact on the healthcare industry. InnovaCare is spear headed by leading physicians, quality care, efficiency, and sustainability in healthcare management.

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