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Equities First Holdings provides competitive cash loans

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Equities First Holdings is a lender which is striving to offer competitive cash loans to individuals who hold stock in publicly traded firms. The borrowers need to prove ownership of these stock so that they can qualify for the credit. The duration of loan can last up to three years depending on the agreement. The lender takes possession of the stock until the borrower pays the whole principal and the interest. In the deal, Equities First Holdings pledges not to engage in any form of short selling or lending of these stock.Moreover, all the market activities which are executed by Equities First Holdings do not have any impact on the stock price of the collateralized stock. When the loan reaches maturity, the lender returns all the shares. This is an advantage to the borrower. The client enjoys loan benefits of the borrowed cash and will still enjoy the growth in the value of his or her stock.

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HCR Wealth Advisors: Get The Financial Coverage You Want

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Money management services have become essential in today’s world as it can help you invest your money smartly and help you obtain the returns that you are looking for. Money management services provide you with research-based information on investments that can guide you as to which investments products are suitable for you. Many people go with the flow of the market and invest in the products they think are right for them, but not be. If you want to secure your future in financial terms, then you should find an investment strategy designed to provide you with enough financial coverage to support you and your family. Many people who did not begin retirement planning earlier are regretting today as they are not able to live the retirement life they hoped for.

You don’t want to work post-retirement or be dependent on others for money when you are old. To help to ensure that you do not face a similar situation in future, taking preventive financial steps today can help. There are many investment planning programs and strategies that can help you grow your money over time. HCR Wealth Advisors is a financial advisory firm based in Los Angeles and is registered with Securities and Exchange Commission. Many people are not aware of where the financial markets may be headed or what the current economic trends may be. If you are clueless as to how to get started with developing a financial strategy that is right for you, it is important that you consider contacting HCR Wealth Advisors today.

HCR Wealth Advisors (@HCRwealth) helps to ensures that each client’s total financial picture is considered to develop a personalized financial strategy that is suitable for each client. The advisors at HCR Wealth Advisors also focus on building trust and long-term relationship with the client as it is of primary importance to achieve sustainable success.

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Following the Footprints of Mathew Autterson’s Career

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Mathew Autterson spent two decades and a half in the industry of financial services, where he served as the president of among the largest state-charted financial institutions countrywide. He studied at the Michigan Stet University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance in the year 1980. Patterson attended the Graduate Tax Program of DU (University of Denver). He started his career at the New Orleans-based First Trust Corp., which offers commercial banking services, and a subsidiary of Fiserv, an American financial services technology provider.

In 1982, Autterson left and decided to join a small team with the intention of chartering a new chartered trust company in the Colorado State as a subsidiary of the Integrated Resources, Inc (IRI). IRI is a New York-based professional staffing firm that specializes in consulting, contract, and full-time positions in the field of Allied Healthcare, Life Science, and IT.

In the year 1986, Autterson became the Resources Trust Company president. In 1989, Broad Inc. acquired the Resources Trust Company together with the assets of Integrated Resources, Inc. Afterward, it became SunAmerica, Inc., which was acquired by the American International Group, Inc. (AIG) for $18 billion in the year 1998. Fiserv acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG in May 2001.

Before the sale completion, Resources Trust Company used to be among the largest state-chartered, FDIC-insured (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) depository trust companies countrywide. It provided custodial and depository services to over 200,000. Resources Trust Company held over $20 billion in the form of custodial assets, 700 employees as well as more than $1.0 billion in deposits.

Autterson is also a member of B of D (Board of Directors) of FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems), which is a non-business entity devoted to helping people with neuromotor disabilities in increasing their capability of controlling and interacting with their environment. As a leader in the business community of Colorado, FAB is representing the current philanthropic interests of Matthew Autterson following many years of the roles of leadership with the Denver Zoological Foundation and Denver Zoo Board, the Webb-Waring Foundation as well as Chairman of B of D of Denver Hospice.

Autterson used to be a member of the World Presidents Organization and Young Presidents Organization. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer, President, and Board Member of CNS Bioscience, Inc., established in the year 2013 by Scott. P. Falci, M.D. It’s a company for clinical-stage drug development that focuses on neuropathic pain.