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Bridget Scarr – the Fun in Creativity

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After a lucrative career as a TV producer, Bridget Scarr decided to focus on creative content creation. With this in mind, she founded Colibri Studios, her haven for ideation. At the studios she actualizes her ideas; be it in augmented or virtual reality, the digital space, traditional television, and exhibition. Usually, depending on the project at hand, Bridget works around bringing out an idea to reflect the intended themes and purposes.


Bridget’s objective is to help the audience connect with the message through her work. She is aware that the targeted people come from diverse backgrounds and have different views and perspectives. Currently, she has an augmented reality project that intends to connect users with history through recapping stories of people who lived during the period. Most of the projects require her to do thorough research before creating a piece that embodies the targeted message. Bridget Scarr is fascinated by Virtual and Augmented reality. Advancements in technology have eased the work of creatives helping them push boundaries and build magnificent concepts.


As an executive producer, Bridget worked in animation, advertising, and television. She was also in charge of creative and technical production teams that had 5 to 200 people. Bridget’s production experience in TV includes drama, lifestyle, kids’ animation, entertainment, and factual programs. At Colibri Studios, she is overseeing partnerships, strategy, and content development. Colibri works with project partners, creative talents, and international broadcasters in various projects. Bridget Scarr doubles up as a writer and producer.


Bridget recommends timeouts once in a while, to help entrepreneurs refocus and strategize. After a daily meditation session to energize and focus, Bridget begins the day in the office. From 9-12 she works on projects in the office, making sure to achieve the objective of the day. After 12, Bridget follows up on emails and other field work before heading home to have lunch with the family. She is particular about creating quality time to bond with the family. The rest of the afternoon is spent reviewing industry news and catching up with the latest trends.


Bridget Scarr’s passion for content stems from the desire to shift perspective and impact change across the globe almost instantly. Creativity has helped Bridget heal, have fun, and freely express herself. For Bridget, success is about overcoming fear, trusting the journey, believing in oneself and the natural gifts, and being grateful and appreciative of everything and the close people.


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The guy who understands how to get things done, Rick Smith

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In July 2008, Rick Smith assumed the position of the Chief Executive Officer at the SECURUS Technology. Due to his long-term experience, he was the most preferred candidate for the post. As a matter of fact, he was the right individual to take on the reins of the firm.During Rick Smith’s tenure, he found an opportunity to grow the company to be the undisputed leader in the corrections industry by offering clients state of the art products and services. Indeed, Rick is a guy who understands how to get things done. He has an excellent background coupled with a unique skill set while his impressive track record speaks volumes of him.Rick has served in diverse fields such as information technology, finance, telecommunications, business development, and much more. Thanks to his impressive leadership skills that have made him successful throughout various ventures.

SECURUS Technologies has faced massive transformation under Rick Smith tenure. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texa and it provides a broad range of services to hundreds of thousands of inmates and more than 2,600 corrections and public safety agencies from North America. Rick has been able to continually facilitate the firm in providing the corrections community various technology and services such as public information, emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service as well as investigation.Rick Smith had a wide-ranging education background. For instance, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in from the State University of New York; he acquired an associate’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology as well as a master’s in engineering from the State University of New York. Furthermore, Smith earned an MBA from the University of Rochester.

Besides, Rick Smith held a series of positions with the Global Crossing North America Inc from 1972 to 1998. Rick served as the controller and the chief information officer. Also, he served as the president of Frontier Information Technologies, Network Plant Operations Director, Vice President of Midwest Telephone Operations as well as the Director of Business Development.From the year 1998 to 2000, Rick Smith joined Eschelon Telecom Inc as the chief financial officer. As a result of his hard work and diligent service, he rose in ranks to become the company’s president and the Chief Executive Officer from 2000 to 2003. All through his term, the firm’s revenue realized a significant increase from $30 million to $350 million. He has successfully led the company to an IPO during the summer of 2005.Mr. Smith was not only the CEO and president of Securus Technologies but also served as the chairman of the company in January 2009. The firm has been able to train field technicians and developed one of the largest VOIP Correction facilities in the world. The company had an investment of more than $600 million in patents.


Understanding The Contribution of Eric Pulier To Developing Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a field that has seen many changes over the years and most of these changes are related with the introduction of new technology. Many businesses have been able to come up with better ways of dealing with problems, courtesy of the introduction of better technological methods and ideas that are geared towards enhancing growth.

These changes and new methods were introduced by a number of entrepreneurs, among them renowned technologist and philanthropist, Eric Pulier. Pulier is behind the development of several venture capitals among them US Interactive and Digital Evolution, which have been working towards enhancing the growth of businesses across various parts of the world.

Eric Pulier started pursuing his passion as early as fourth grade and he invested a lot of time and money to learning about the various technologies available. His effort equipped him and when he joined high school, he managed to establish a database company, a step that marked the beginning of a new era of development and growth. He came up with solutions that also helped fellow students to understand how the world of entrepreneurship works.


When he graduated from the Teaneck High School, Eric Pulier moved to the Harvard University for a degree in English and American Literature in 1984. To serve his passion in technology, he joined the MIT College and selected Computer Science. Eric displayed a lot of dedication in his pursuits and this earned him a column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly, which he called the Pulier Leg. On this space, he reviewed new technologies and offered insight into entrepreneurship and emerging trends in different industries. Eric Pulier graduated in 1988, earning high honors from both colleges.


Apart from being a successful and passionate entrepreneur and technologist, Eric Pulier has also been offering a lot to philanthropy, specifically working with those suffering from chronic illnesses. One of the foundations he works with is the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp founded to offer a sanctuary to children battling chronic illnesses. Pulier also sits as a member of the XPRIZE Foundation board, which supports technological development that is aimed at offering solutions to the needy.


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Did Eric Lefkofsky Find The Big Thing In Tech?

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Building A Billion Dollar Fortune

From his college days onward, Eric Lefkofsky has spent most of his time in the world of business. Starting with Brandon Apparel, a clothing business Lefkofsky created during his college days, just about every startup he creates succeeds. It isn’t too hard to find examples of these startups such as Lightbank and Groupon. Reaching the top of his industry required anticipation and long term foresight from Lefkofsky. Fortunately, he specializes in making accurate predictions.

Always Making The Right Guess

A successful entrepreneur succeeds by finding and following trends in business. Eric Lefkofsky’s success in venture capitalism is largely due to understanding where technology is headed before others and capitalizing on it. Before he created Groupon, Lefkofsky understood the potential of a website connecting local businesses to customers. Giving these businesses a platform to find customers was an obviously good idea, so Eric Lefkofsky went with it. Groupon went on to generate so much success that it actually broke records. In 2010, Groupon reached $1 billion in revenue faster than any other company in history. That success was far from a random fluke.

A Foundation Of Progress

In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Lefkofsky has made philanthropy an important part of his life. He accomplishes most of his philanthropy through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. Through his personal foundation Lefkofsky provides financial contributions to charities across the world. The charities he helps run the gamut from scientific research to medical services, but children are the strongest focus of the Lefkofsky Foundation. Lefkofsky is well aware that the position he finds himself in today is the result of both aptitude and opportunity. Through his philanthropy Lefkofsky seeks to provide others with this chance as well.

Cancer Is In His Sights

Tempus is the most recent startup of Lefkofsky’s, and his goals with this startup are greater than his previous endeavors. Tempus is a analytics company providing services for physicians treating cancer patients. Using the unique genomic sequence of each patient, Tempus creates a treatment solution tailored to the needs of each patient. One patient may respond to immunotherapy better than another, while another patient may make better use of certain drugs. Through this approach, Lefkofsky hopes to foster the growth of personalized medicine. Eventually, everyone will have a medical plan specifically tailored to the specific DNA and life history of that individual.

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Chris Burch Demystifies the Correlation between Technology and Fashion

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Technology and fashion industry both have one thing in common – they are both dynamic. Even so, one underlying fact is that both sectors develop in unison. In this light, trendsetters have a need of understanding the correlation between fashion and technology.
A look at the past and present

During the 70s, people preferred boom box for they were able to carry it around and listen to favorite songs and channels. Additionally, it had two cassette decks. The subsequent popularity of the boom box escalated during the 80s after its inclusion in film story lines. The discovery of the Walkman in the 90s saw people embrace it since it offered a personalized music experience. A decade later, developers introduced the IPod, which increased convenience. The bottom-line is that growth of technology stems from what people consider fashionable.

The Current State of Technology and Fashion

Today, technology and fashion have been fused. Designers are currently coming up with creations, which deliver the quality of highest level and this is done using technology. Its utilization has seen the development of high-tech products, which are highly functional. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, came up with the highly cherished avant-garde designs using technology. She alludes that technology is like a playground. The more one explores deeper in it, the more possibilities arise.

Technology and Fashion Function Synchronously

Technology also requires fashion for prosperity. For example, it is quite evident that fashion has enabled glass wearing to be acceptable. This was spearheaded by the inclusion of Google Glass on fashion shows. The future of technology is somehow tied to the future of fashion. Technology creates great fashion trends. Therefore, the future’s excitement entirely relies on what technological and fashion industries derive from each other.

Details on Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch (Engadget) is the founder and current CEO of New York-based firm, Burch Creative Capital. The company takes part in the management of venture investment and development of brands. Mr. Burch is a shrewd entrepreneur who utilizes personal drive to build businesses, which will have a long-lasting impact on their clients. His devotion to the power of branding has seen him play a significant role in growing over fifty brands.

Mr. Burch’s branding success started with the formation of Eagle’s Eye apparel. This investment saw him and his brother sell sweaters for other campus students and in turn, gain high returns. The year 2004 saw Chris Burch and his wife launch Tory Burch fashion label. After riding on the waves of success for eight years, Burch sold half of the company and established J. Christopher Capital LLC, which was renamed to Burch Creative Capital.