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Ted Bauman Lists Ways That will Kill the US Equities Bull Market

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Ted Bauman is an economist who is trying to urge investors of a coming stock market crash where equities could fall seventy percent in value. There are still many financial analysts who believe that US stocks will run much higher for the next several years. However, Ted Bauman lists several macroeconomic factors that he feels could kill the bull market in US equities. He first says that stock valuations in the US are at ridiculous extremes. He points out the tech boom in the late 1990’s as the only time in history that the stock market was more overvalued than it is today. He came to this conclusion using the CAPE ratio. The current reading for the ratio is thirty-two. The historical average is only seventeen, meaning that stocks would at least have to fall fifty percent to be considered fair value.

Another factor Ted Bauman feels could bring down the bull market in US equities is rising interest rates. He feels that the US cannot handle too many more interest rate hikes because it will become impossible for the federal government to service its debt. Higher interest rates could also cause a mass exodus out of the stock market and into the bond market. The federal reserve has indicated that they will remain aggressive on raising interest rates because they feel the economy is strong. Mr. Bauman, however, points out that the yield curve is flattening, which indicates the economy may be slowing down.

Ted Bauman is most concerned that the trade war with China and the US could ultimately end the bull market in US stocks. Many respected economists feel that the trade war between China and the US will eventually lead to a global recession and stock markets typically decline in a recession. The Trump Administration placed tariffs on Chinese exports and the Chinese government responded with their own tariffs. China could retaliate against US companies that rely on business with the Chinese. Many of these companies would lose substantial revenues. Eventually, their share prices would reflect this lost revenue. Ted Bauman urges investors to prepare now by adopting low-risk defensive strategies that will enable them to profit in the coming market turmoil.

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Gareth Henry Reveals the Risks of Private Credit Investments

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Gareth Henry, a managing director of Fortress Investment Group, was recently featured on the Daily Forex Report website in the article “An Overview of Private Credit with Gareth Henry” written by Clara Davis. The article reveals how the head of global investor relations sees the potential of private credit deals.

There are a variety of ways to manage investments in private credit, depending on the type of fund. Many managers of impaired funds will take a more active approach to make value. However, fund managers who are more focused on mezzanine and senior debt will use a more passive strategy to create returns after the loan has been extended to the companies. Many managers who use NPL funds will focus on using their employees or freelancers to contact those who have defaulted on their loan. This will allow them to create a new repayment strategy that will allow them to start making payments on their loans again.

However, most private credit funds will liquidate their assets to provide them to the investors. Most of these funds are invested in funds that have predictable returns within a certain amount of time. The difference between private credit and other alternative investment plans is that the private equity investments have less reliability or predictability in terms of when they will pay. Gareth Henry’s philosophy when it comes to alternative investments is to keep receiving feedback. Gareth Henry solicits feedback from peers, clients, and even team members because it is the key to creating a deeper understanding of progress as well as the dynamics of the trade. To know more about him click here.

There are some risks involved with private credit that Gareth Henry feels can be managed, but should be taken into account when making investments. The first risk is leverage. A variety of different managers may use leverage to increase their potential returns but this can also create a boost in risk. There is also a style drift risk that happens when private income funds expand from the market of midsized businesses into the NPLs. Management capacity is another risk people should be aware of. It happens when private credit managers seek to expand rapidly.

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Peter Briger, the president and co-chairman of Fortress Credit Corporation

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Briger is the principal and co-founder of the Fortress Investment Group. The headquarters of the organisation is located in New York in the United States of America. Briger has been a member of the firm since 2002. He has been a member of the board of directors that manage the organisation since November 2006. Peter Briger was elected to be the co-chairman of the investment group back in August 2009. When he joined the firm, Peter was assigned to be the boss of the Credit fund and real estate business department. Briger works with over three hundred employees in his department.

Peter Briger is a graduate of the University of Princeton. He pursued a degree in Business administration at the University’s school of business. After completing his degree course, he decided to further his education where he did a master’s degree in Business administration at the University of Pennsylvania. After finishing school, Briger fully joined the financial business field.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group in March 2002, Briger worked at Goldman Sachs and Company. Peter Briger served the organisation for fifteen years. He joined the firm in 1996 where he immediately became a partner. While working at the company, Briger contributed very brilliant ideas that assisted in propelling the company to greater heights.

Together with a colleague, Peter Briger managed to buy and sell troubled mortgages. The duo purchased assets in various Asian countries like Thailand and Japan. All assets that lost favour were either affected by political pressure or other economic issues. Peter Briger ensured that the market had stabilised before he sold the assets. This way, the company managed to reap hefty profits from the deals that Briger conducted. Peter was accredited most of the success that the organisation experienced.

Briger also serves as a board member of Tipping Point. Tipping is a non-profit organisation that helps low-income families residing in San Francisco California. Additionally, he serves as a board member of the Caliber schools. Calibre is a network of institutions that are fully committed to preparing students for future success in a very competitive four-year college course and beyond.


Sahm Adrangi, an investment banker

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Sahm Adrangi is an American investment banker and entrepreneur who has made a name for himself for his unique investment analysis skills. Sahm is the chief investment officer at Kerriscale Capital Management. He helped establish the company in 2009 and has played a critical role in the development of the company. When he started the company, it was only worth less than $1 million. However, today it manages a portfolio worth more than $150 million with clients across the world.

Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC, is a fundamentally-oriented investment company which focuses on event driven special situations and long-term value investment. Adrangi is known for his excellent and unique trading strategies where he has made a name for himself by exposing and shorting Chinese companies including Lihua International, China Marine Food Group, and China Biotics in 2011. Other companies that he has targeted include the ChinaCast Education Corp, and China Education Alliance.

Previously, Sahm Adrangi worked for Longacre Fund Management LCC where he held the position of an Investment Analyst. He also had a stint with Chanin Capital Partners where he was involved in the restructuring the company after it was almost declared bankrupt. As such, he helped advise the creditors of the company through an out-of-the-court settlement using Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy restructuring and assignments Act.

In the past he, has represented bondholder’s committees, bank debt holders, other creditors, and equity committees of bankrupt and distress companies. Other places where Sahm Adrangi has worked in the past include at Deutsche Bank where he helped restructure the syndicate non-investment grade bank debt as well as high yield bonds.

Mr Sahm Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University where he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Today, Sahm Adrangi, is a speaker at several investment conferences such as the Sohn Conference, the Distress Debt Investing Conference, Traders 4 a Cause, the Value Investing Conference, and the Activist Investor Conference. Moreover, he appears on several TV interviews including at Bloomberg and CNBC. Other major publications including, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the Business Week, and the Washington Post have quoted his work.


Malcolm CasSellle on Success in the Digital World

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Malcolm CasSelle is the President of Worldwide Asset Exchange(WAX), a company that allows users to purchase virtual items using blockchain as a means for secure payments. The idea for the company came from CasSelle’s involvement in OPSKINS, which was a virtual global trading space that lacked a stable online currency. CasSelle saw that using blockchain for the payment transactions could solve the problem of lacking a global currency and that it would give the platform a credible form of payment.

Before becoming CIO of WAX, CasSelle was the Chief Technical Advisor and President of New Ventures at Tronc, Inc. He has also been a part of other startups in the technology sector like Mediapass and XFires. CasSelle thinks that digital currency still has a long ways to go. He was an early investor of Bitcoin and his companies rely on Blockchain as a way to have secure funding.

In a recent interview, CasSelle has mentioned that time management was very important for owning a business and he had a morning routine that emphasized self-care. He uses mornings as the time to plan out the workday with his team and saves the afternoon for emails and meeting with external business partners. He believes that it is important to work with the brightest people in your nitch and to have a business that is in an untapped market.

Being part of a new industry is important because if there is low competition for an area, it can lead to better profits. The downside is that can be harder to secure funding for something new because the idea hasn’t been shown to be profitable yet. CasSelle isn’t afraid to fail when trying new things. He thinks that failure can be an opportunity for us to learn. It is necessary for building the resilience to not to give up when things don’t go the way that we expect them to.

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Randal Nardone Incorporating Information Technology in Business Operations

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Randal Nardone, an experienced financial analyst, and business leader was the brain behind the foundation of Fortress Investment Group, one of the leading wealth managers and alternative investment group around the world. His leadership skills, complemented by the knowledge and expertise of his technically gifted co-founders has seen Fortress Group grow from being a small organization based in New York to a multinational organization that has assets in different parts of the world. Despite maximizing on customer experience, Fortress Group leveraged technology to outperform other organizations operating in the same industry.

Randal Nardone proposed that Fortress Investment Group incorporate innovative methods in all areas of its operations so that it can have an advantage over other the competing firms. It is through information communication technology systems that Fortress Group was able to offer quality, efficient, and affordable services to its clients. It minimized the time it took to serve one customer which means it could help a large number of customers within a single day as compared to its competitors who would support a few customers. Efficient delivery of services would later increase the number of customers seeking services from the firm.

It can be assumed that Randal Nardone had forecasted that technology would later grow and become one of the most reliable methods of performing business operations. This explains why he decided to incorporate technology is safeguarding all the properties of the entity and those of the clients through management information systems that cannot be accessed by an unauthorized person. Protecting the property of the customers was a critical element that would later attract a large number of customers to the entity whereby it currently has the most significant number of customers as compared to other wealth managers.

The system proposed by Randal Nardone would help other members working in the organization to access the data of a client within a short period hence offering quality services in real time. Innovative methods proposed and implemented by Nardone would later help the company to prosper in other areas such as reducing the cost of labor and minimizing errors and use of paperwork. The money saved would be used for expanding the portfolio of the entity. Fortress Three Top Executives Split $44 Million Bonuses In 2015


Vijay Eswaran Practices Risk-Taking In Business

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It is difficult to figure out what a person should do when first entering into the job market. First time job seekers are looking to establish themselves and get off to a good start with a solid company. However, Vijay Eswaran believes it is never too early to start looking for creative ways to make an impact in business. Many jobs that are relevant today will be of no use in just a few years. Technology rapidly changes and forces everyone involved to adjust.

It is important to gain work experience in any particular field. Yet, Vijay believes that each job seeker should be looking to create jobs as well as obtain a job. Joining a small startup company is a good way for young executives to express their ideas and have a first-hand experience on seeing them through. Small companies will have low manpower assistance, which means that there is very little room for young executives to delegate different tasks. He or she must take full responsibility of the project and see it through to the end. This is why it’s important for new job seekers to completely buy into a small startup company’s vision. They will be directly involved in where that company is headed and how it will be shaped over the coming years.

A larger company will have more of its procedures in place. The methods have been trusted to work and new executives will be expected to follow these plans. There’s far more security at a large corporation however there is very little room for creativity and growth.

Personality is an overlooked element of job searching. It must be taken into consideration with every application, especially with a small startup company. Relationships in a small company will be very intimate so it is important that personalities are a fit to go along with corporate ambitions.

Vijay is a Malaysian businessman who worked his way from the ground up. He left Malaysia for London an attended the London School of Economics. Soon after his stay in London Vijay went on to obtain an MBA from Southern Illinois University. It was there that Vijay got introduced to multi-level marketing.

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Louis Chenevert’s career at UTC

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Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation. He was appointed to lead the company in 2008 and served up to 2014. The role of Louis Chenevert in the management of this company will be remembered for many years to come. His success with the firm exceeded that of any other CEO of the company. He took over the management at the height of the 2008 global economic crisis. While other companies were closing down due to losses, UTC was making very good profits because of Louis Chenevert leadership. As a product management professional, he knows how to install effective means of production that would lower the cost of production and improve the profits.

Louis Chenevert graduated from HEC Montreal University with a degree in production management. His first job was as a production manager for General Motors. He later switched his interests from auto industry to aerospace and joined UTC. His first stop would be at the Pratt & Whitney Canada branch. Here, he creates a production system that reduced production time of jet engines by over one year. Before he joined, it was taking almost two years to produce one engine, but after taking over, it came down to 9 months. This is so far the biggest achievement that has ever happened in this company which is under the management of UTC.

Due to the abilities, he displayed while in Canada, Pratt & Whitney, USA took him and made him the overall production manager in the company. He would later grow steadily until he became the president of the firm. It is while at P&W that he initiated the process of constructing the geared turbofan engine. Even before he could finish this project, he was appointed to lead the whole conglomerate in 2008. As the head of UTC, he was in charge of many other businesses which operated under the UTC umbrella.

His success in managing Pratt & Whitney proved that he had the potential to lead the whole company. This is exactly what happened; at the end of his term, there were clear results of the work he had done. The GTF jet engine was completed and was in use by commercial and military planes.


The Successful And Philanthropic Tony Petrello

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Recently, Live Newspaper posted an article entitled, “Tony Petrello and his Dedication to Philanthropic Causes” which was written by Steven Smith. It was published on September 19, 2017. In this article, Petrello’s career and dedication to philanthropy are discussed at length. Currently, Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Petrello has a long history of being philanthropic.

They tell about how Tony Petrello has always had a reputation for having a kind heart, way before he joined Nabors Industries. The article goes on to detail how both Tony and his wife Cynthia have been offering large sums of financial support to scientific researchers who work in the medical industry. This is particularly because of Petrello’s daughter being diagnosed with a neurological disorder that affects her everyday living.


Tony Petrello’s daughter Carena is a constant inspiration to her father.

Carena’s premature birth caused her to develop periventricular leukomalacia which led to the neurological disorder, which was cerebral palsy. Tony Petrello and his wife, Cynthia, diligently donate to and support researchers who may be able to find or create a cure which could benefit their daughter and millions of other children and adults in the world. Through constant prayer and donations, they are hoping to achieve these goals one day in the future. Carena receives most of the special care she needs from the Texas Children’s Hospital.

Petrello is a director at the Texas Children’s Hospital, Inc.

And besides being the CEO, president, and chairman of Nabors Industries, he is also director of Stewart & Stevenson, LLC since 2011. His bachelor and masters degrees in mathematics both come from Yale University. He also later on attended Harvard Law School, where he acquired his J.D. degree. He also served as a managing partner at Baker & McKenzie in New York between the years of 1979 to 1991, when he joined Nabors according to

Nabors Industries was founded in the year 1968 under the original name of Anglo Energy. They are an oil and gas drilling company. Their corporate offices are located out of Dallas, Texas and recently they have also acquired the Tesco Corporation.

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Livio Bisterzo: How To Build A Modern Snacks Business

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Livio Bisterzo, 36, is the founder of Green Park Brands Inc. He established his natural and healthy snack made from chickpeas. The product was launched at the time when many Americans prefer natural snacks that tend to inspire a healthy life. So far, Bisterzo confirms that revenues from Hippeas have crossed the $2.5 million mark. This year, he anticipates over 340% growth in revenues.

Recently, Bisterzo had unexpected investors knocking on his door. The investors, Leonard DiCaprio and a Chicago-based private equity firm (Strand Equity Partners), made undisclosed investments in Hippeas. Bisterzo confirms that all the investments that his company has received including the recent investments amount to $2.5 million. He hopes to use the funds from the new investors to revamp the company’s marketing and distribution networks.

Bisterzo is an experienced entrepreneur who has worked with startups before, and his knowledge on new companies helped him to launch Green Park Brands and Hippeas. Bisterzo previously launched Kyoku and Little Miracles; the former is a men’s grooming line while the latter markets beverage drinks. Immediately he launched Hippeas, Bisterzo’s experience and connections helped him avail Hippeas in major American retail stores such as Albertsons, Vons, and Starbucks. Soon, Hippeas will be available in Kroger Co. and Target stores. His connections outside the U.S has enabled Bisterzo to open an office in the U.K from where the company oversees the sale of Hippeas in Europe.

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Hippeas is poised for success; a Canadian Research firm, Rogue Thought Consulting, confirms. According to Norman Deschamps, the owner of the research firm, the sale of snacks that contain alternative ingredients such as chickpeas, sweet potatoes, kale, and spinach grew by 7% last year. However, the sale of snacks containing chickpeas rose by a whopping 153%. Deschamps predicts that since major players in the snacks industry have not started producing snacks containing chickpeas, Hippeas and other brands have an opportunity to grow with little competition. By the time big companies commence production, Hippeas and other chickpea snacks will have grown exponentially and dominated the market.

What makes Hippeas unique? Bisterzo is concerned about the environment and sustainable production. Since Hippeas are produced from legumes (chickpeas), they fix nitrogen in the soil enriching the soil and its potential to support other crops. To achieve sustainable production, Bisterzo redirects to two cents of each sachet of Hippeas sold to farm Africa to help chickpeas farmers.

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