Bridget Scarr – the Fun in Creativity

After a lucrative career as a TV producer, Bridget Scarr decided to focus on creative content creation. With this in mind, she founded Colibri Studios, her haven for ideation. At the studios she actualizes her ideas; be it in augmented or virtual reality, the digital space, traditional television, and exhibition. Usually, depending on the project at hand, Bridget works around bringing out an idea to reflect the intended themes and purposes.


Bridget’s objective is to help the audience connect with the message through her work. She is aware that the targeted people come from diverse backgrounds and have different views and perspectives. Currently, she has an augmented reality project that intends to connect users with history through recapping stories of people who lived during the period. Most of the projects require her to do thorough research before creating a piece that embodies the targeted message. Bridget Scarr is fascinated by Virtual and Augmented reality. Advancements in technology have eased the work of creatives helping them push boundaries and build magnificent concepts.


As an executive producer, Bridget worked in animation, advertising, and television. She was also in charge of creative and technical production teams that had 5 to 200 people. Bridget’s production experience in TV includes drama, lifestyle, kids’ animation, entertainment, and factual programs. At Colibri Studios, she is overseeing partnerships, strategy, and content development. Colibri works with project partners, creative talents, and international broadcasters in various projects. Bridget Scarr doubles up as a writer and producer.


Bridget recommends timeouts once in a while, to help entrepreneurs refocus and strategize. After a daily meditation session to energize and focus, Bridget begins the day in the office. From 9-12 she works on projects in the office, making sure to achieve the objective of the day. After 12, Bridget follows up on emails and other field work before heading home to have lunch with the family. She is particular about creating quality time to bond with the family. The rest of the afternoon is spent reviewing industry news and catching up with the latest trends.


Bridget Scarr’s passion for content stems from the desire to shift perspective and impact change across the globe almost instantly. Creativity has helped Bridget heal, have fun, and freely express herself. For Bridget, success is about overcoming fear, trusting the journey, believing in oneself and the natural gifts, and being grateful and appreciative of everything and the close people.


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