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Sam Boraie Is The Community Leader New Brunswick Needs

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As the son of beloved real estate developer Omar Boraie, Sam Boraie proudly carries the title of Vice President of Boraie Development. With a passion for philanthropy, Sam’s involvement in the community goes above and beyond the structures he helps create. Sam’s spot on the Board of Trustees for New Brunswick’s historical State Theatre reflects Boraie Development’s support for the performing arts, while his position on the advisory board for the nonprofit organization Elijah’s Promise shows Sam Boraie’s dedication to helping out the less fortunate in his community.

Boraie Development has been instrumental in turning New Brunswick from a dwindling, downtrodden city into a bustling metropolis full of beautiful buildings and modern architecture. Omar Boraie began his work in the city in 1972, where he faced much criticism and doubt as he bought up the city’s vacant and dilapidated buildings. Those critics were soon eating their words as his first building, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, flourished during the 1980s and 90s. Boraie Development continued their city-wide improvement plan by building high-class residential units in the form of the city’s tallest building. With its impressive architecture and luxury amenities, the property sold out within two months of its opening in 2007. Having remastered much of the city’s look, Boraie Development plans to keep creating luxury residences and quality office spaces that will draw in professionals looking for a safe, beautiful city to call home.

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Sam’s investment in the city also shines through in his support for local art and theater programs, where Sam Boraie proudly sits on the board of trustees for the New Jersey State Theatre. Established in 1921, the theater has been home to a wide variety of performing arts. Beginning with vaudeville and silent films, continuing through the Golden Age of Hollywood and finishing with a renovation and reopening in 2004, the theater has remained a central part of the New Brunswick community for nearly a century. These days, patrons can enjoy international orchestras, Broadway plays, comedy shows, dance troupes, family events and more. As a not-for-profit presenting hall, it relies heavily on the support of people like Sam Boraie. Sam is proud of his involvement with the theater and honored to have Boraie Development support such an important community feature.

Elijah’s Promise is another part of what makes New Brunswick so special. With a mission revolving around fighting hunger and poverty, Elijah’s Promise runs such programs as a soup kitchen, a catering business, and even a culinary arts training program that prepares students for jobs in the food service industry. Sam Boraie sits on the advisory board and is committed to helping Elijah’s Promise succeed in its many projects.

Whether he’s mapping out New Brunswick’s latest luxury loft, supporting the New Jersey State Theatre’s upcoming play or ensuring Elijah’s Promise is able to continue delivering food to the hungry, Sam Boraie is truly a community leader.

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David Osio Career

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Investing in real estate is a great way to transform your finances. There are a lot of people who are trying to invest in order to generate cash flow and prepare themselves for retirement. With all of the options out there today, it can be difficult to find a deal. In addition, working with a bank to get financing on a loan is much more difficult when it is an investment property. David Osio is someone who has a lot of experience in the real estate industry. He wants to help as many people as he can during the process to help them get to the next level financially. With his new app that he is developing, many real estate investors will have a better opportunity to succeed with their financial goals.


David Osio


From the time he was in college, David Osio has always been passionate about real estate. With his many years of experience in the field, he knows what it takes to get to the next level. There are a lot of people who are working to try and invest more in the real estate industry. David Osio knows that a lot of people are too late to the game. Real estate has gone up dramatically since 2010, and many people are having trouble affording the monthly payments on their debt.




Getting approved for financing on an investment property is much more difficult than a typical mortgage. A lot of people have to jump through hoops and be in a good financial approval in order to get money to buy a property. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to help in this process. If you come to the table with limited debt and a higher income, this will obviously help in that process. Overall, always make sure that you have a plan to pay the money back over time. Never borrow money if you feel like you are going to have a hard time in this area.


Final Thoughts


There are a lot of people who are looking to take their finances to a new level in the coming year. With all of the changes in the economy, real estate is looking like a great investment for many people. David Osio is developing an app that will help investors with properties that they can invest in.

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Brian Bonar/Venture Capital

Just Who Is Brian Bonar

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Did you know that some of the most successful people in the world aren’t household names? Case In Point: Have you ever heard of Brian Bonar? Brian Bonar personifies this notion because he’s one of the top financial executives in Southern California, but many people in the area have never heard of him. Mr. Bonar is pretty much brilliant when it comes to finance/business.

He has been in the game for decades and has a long list of satisfied customers and an impressive resume to back up all claims. Bonar is so dedicated to his practice that he’s the CEO/Chairman of (Trucept) as well as the CEO of Dalrada Financial Services. If there’s one person who could handle this much business is Bonar thanks to his impressive educational background.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has worked for many prominent companies such as IBM, Smart-Tek Automated services, and Allegiant Professional Services. Bonar holds a Ph.D, Bachelors Degree in Technical Engineering as well as Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Much of this knowledge came from James Watt Technical College and the prestigious Stafford University. Of course he has a brilliant mind to start with and these excellent higher learning institutions enhances his intelligent to the fullest. In 2010 he was awarded the “Who’s Who Award” for Financial Executive of the Year. It just seems like whatever he put’s his mind to, he accomplishes it in flying colors. Brian Bonar’s expertise can’t be denied as he plays a crucial role with his practice.

His specialties include dealing with mergers, sales, acquisitions, venture capital, and sourcing. His personal portfolio is astounding as well as he’s one of the most diverse individuals whom work in the fields of retail, commercial, aviation, K-12 Education projects, and multi-family housing. Being such a savvy businessman, Bonar has become an entrepreneur as he now owns a chain of successful restaurants.

Bellamy’s is the name and great food is the game. Bellamy’s is huge in San Diego thanks to it’s diverse nation and international cuisines. These lavish dining establishments has a great fun atmosphere, beautiful wall art, and luxury plush seating. Bellamy’s also has a brilliant master chef and a fully knowledgeable staff to handle all of the public’s general cuisine needs.

All in all, Brain Bonar is simply a successful individual because he has put in the time, effort, and work which has thrust him to this high status.

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The Wessex Institute of Technology E-Library

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Professor Carlos Brebbia is the founder of Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT). Since inception, the company has provided the international scientific community with a platform to exchange information and ideas in the industry. The different types of activities carried out in the educational institution have helped them create productive links with other leading institutions and organizations.

WIT activities

The Wessex Institute of Technology carries out various activities from its locations in New Forest National Park, England. They have made collaborations with other academic institutions in offering graduate programs up to the doctorate level. WIT also engages in research on damage mechanics, environmental modeling, and fluid mechanics, industrial research and information communication technology. Other Segments that the institute engages in includes holding conferences and publishing.

The WIT E-library

Wessex Institute of Technology e-library gives online access to international conference papers and international journals published at the institution’s press. WIT’s library provides access to over 28, 000 peer-reviewed papers, where 27,000 of them are accessible to anyone. WIT e-library charges $38 to download a document in Adobe PDF format. It is easy to access about any latest research paper from the e-library ranging from engineering sciences, built environment, biomedicine and health, ecology and environment, information and communications technology, as well as science and engineering.


The Beginning of Life Transformation at the Kabbalah Centre

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People across the world seek self-fulfillment at certain points of their lives through spiritual guidance and teachings. The Kabbalah Centre, a non-profit organization and university offers students the opportunity to study the body of spiritual wisdom. Kabbalah is spiritual wisdom which holds the keys to universal secrets and the wonders of the souls and hearts of human beings. The teachings should not only be learned, but applied and used in everyday living, as well.

Kabbalah universal wisdom has been taught more than 4,000 years ago, including to Abraham and Moses. Modern Kabbalists teach students the difficulties of the physical and spiritual nature of humanity with the material and non-material universe. Their teachings assist students during the whole transformation process to peace, joy, and self-fulfillment. Learn how to remove suffering and pain from the body and chaos from your life.

The Kabbalah Centre is an organization that allows continuous learning and growth to make changes and increase wisdom. Beginners may start life transformation by attending Kabbalah Online University to receive lessons by video or live lectures. Beginner courses introduce students to universal wisdom, the basic tools for change, and the power of level one

Each course at the university provides students with knowledge to expand spiritual growth. Classes for intermediate students include Kabbalistic Astrology that teaches how to discover true nature of the human being and signs of the material world. Kabbalah University teaches wellbeing to achieve spiritual transformation, fulfillment, and success in one’s daily life. Learn the power of words, wellness based on kabbalah principles, and how to become a beacon of Light.

Find a location near you in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Oceanic, or United States. The Kabbalah Centre teaches universal wisdom based on Kabbalistic principles to all people desiring oneness with the universe and the Creator. Its teaching comes from ancient Zohar texts and Kabbalist Rav Isaac Luria’s 16th century writings. Students will obtain understanding about the origin of God’s creation, universal spiritual and physical laws, and the soul. The teaching of Zohar is said to be a lifesaving tool that brings authentic peace, healing, fulfillment, and fortification.

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa – Photo Tips

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Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is best known for his business acumen and financial savvy that has made the native Venezuelan a rising star and a power to be reckoned with in Panamanian business. One of his interests is photography. He has developed a definite flair and style using just a smartphone. His work is a favorite on Tumbler and Twitter because of the quality of the photos and the variety of scenes.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa has shared his ideas about using the features of a smartphone to produce the best pictures. Everyone takes photos. These tips are designed to make it easier for everyone to create stunning photos to share on social media or to sell.

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Figueroa advises:

• Take your time composing the shot. Use the lighting, subjects, and angle to create photographs that are even better than SLR quality.

• Use the five basic rules of composition that he developed. The most important rule is the use of only one-third of the photo for the subject of the shot.

• Get closer to your subject to compensate for the lack of zoom in a smartphone or buy a zoom lens for your smartphone camera on

• Use natural light and avoid flash. The flash in smartphone cameras produces color distortions that take away from the composition.

• Use apps that enhance your smartphone camera’s capability. Select apps that work with the operating system of your phone.

• The apps you use require study. The photo enhancements that any app produces are only as good as your knowledge of how the options in the app work and impact your photographs. You have to read and practice.

• Leave the high dynamic range in auto. This produces better photos in two different ways. You avoid the distortions that HDR can produce. You can delete the shots that did not produce the result you wanted or anticipated.

• Use filters sparingly and selectively. There are thousands of filter combinations available in apps on Tumblr. Consider the effect you want while composing the shot and use an appropriate filter only when necessary.

• Take an editing course. The best photos ever made are rarely produced without editing. Editing can create a masterpiece out of a moderately good picture if you know how to edit well.

• A clean lens makes good pictures. You store your phone in many dirty places. You need to get into the habit of using the phone screen cleaning cloth to clean the lens of the camera before you take pictures.

Adrián José Velasquez Figueroa is an entrepreneur that is presently involved as president, director, and treasurer of five different Panamanian companies. He has translated his business acumen and zeal for perfection into a stunningly original and visually stimulating photographic career in his “spare” time.

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TOWN Residential Continues

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Ending their sixth year of operation as strongly as the last, TOWN Residential is set to close 2016 with yet another year of increased growth with nearly $1.3 billion in  total sales and leasing volume, garnering the company a top position in New York City’s competitive luxury real estate market. At the heart of this success is TOWN Residential’s business strategy of placing brokerage firms in the center of New York’s most sought after neighborhoods. Beginning with his first location, CEO Andrew Heiberger has been able to secure premium office space for the company’s firms and his latest acquisition follows suit.


The tenth location to bear TOWN’s name and continue its legacy is found nestled within the Meatpacking District providing brokers access to the budding markets available along the Hudson Yards extending well into TriBeCa. This savvy positioning will prove invaluable as a gateway to New York’s next “It” neighborhood as the Hudson Yards begin to take shape and new residential buildings spring up in plots once set aside as stables and shipyards.


Occupying the entire second floor of 446 W 14th St, the 7100 sq. ft office space provides ample room for its brokers and the firm’s famed TOWN square proving to not only be desirable to prospective clients but the brokers that conduct business between its walls as well.


Setting the firm apart from its competition has been paramount in choosing the new space. This is certainly accomplished further with the building’s private rooftop access allowing brokers the opportunity to take interested clients out in the New York air and perhaps even point out the windows of their new prospective investment. As said best by Mr. Heiberger himself, “We believe it’s the only brokerage with an outdoor space for brokers to work and meet with clients. This is the kind of space that really differentiates us from other firms.”


Adding to the possibilities of conducting open air business the new space is located only a short walk from the High Line, New York’s first of its kind elevated parks. Sitting at the main access point for the High Line and in the middle of the neighborhood’s blossoming residential and retail spaces the firm will find itself in the center of a quickly expanding market.


While business is set to continue increasing for Mr. Heiberger and company, the latest brokerage outpost will surely be instrumental in securing TOWN Residential‘s placement at the forefront of New York City’s luxury sales and leasing industry.





Freedompop Revolutionizing The Communications Industry

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FreedomPop is a service provider that offers free and economical options to fit some user’s budgets.
FreedomPop’s Services

The Free Cell Phone Service
This package comes with 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texting, and 200 voice minutes. FreedomPop doesn’t require any contracts, and there are no cancellation fees. FreedomPop also clearly states that their free service is for light users who want to check their email or browse Facebook. If you go past your data limit, FreedomPop will automatically charge you $10 to top up your plan. Also, Freedompop subscribers get email notifications of the automatic charge. This service is only free for a year after which you pay $10.99 per month.

Purchasing and Earning Additional Data
Free service users can increase their data without having to top-up their account by:
Inviting friends to sign up for FreedomPop in a program known as Freedom Friends. For any friend who joins via you, you receive 10 MB of data per month.
You can also complete surveys, offers or download software to earn free data from FreedomPop.

Paid Cell Phone Service Options
$5 Per Month Wi-Fi Calling Option
Instead of using cell towers to make mobile calls, this plan incorporates connections from over ten million hotspots across the state, which allows you to get your communication through the Wi-Fi network.

$10.99 Per Month Unlimited Talk and Texts
This option offers 500 MB of data and gives subscribers the option of making a voice call over a cellular network or Wi-Fi. Subscribers of this package also get to use it for the first month free.

$20 Per Month Unlimited Talk and Text with 1GB of Data
This offer is FreedomPop’s most popular choice. For $20 a month, you get unlimited text, data, and talk time. If you exceed more than 1GB of data, the 4G speed goes down to 3G.

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Chris Burch Demystifies the Correlation between Technology and Fashion

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Technology and fashion industry both have one thing in common – they are both dynamic. Even so, one underlying fact is that both sectors develop in unison. In this light, trendsetters have a need of understanding the correlation between fashion and technology.
A look at the past and present

During the 70s, people preferred boom box for they were able to carry it around and listen to favorite songs and channels. Additionally, it had two cassette decks. The subsequent popularity of the boom box escalated during the 80s after its inclusion in film story lines. The discovery of the Walkman in the 90s saw people embrace it since it offered a personalized music experience. A decade later, developers introduced the IPod, which increased convenience. The bottom-line is that growth of technology stems from what people consider fashionable.

The Current State of Technology and Fashion

Today, technology and fashion have been fused. Designers are currently coming up with creations, which deliver the quality of highest level and this is done using technology. Its utilization has seen the development of high-tech products, which are highly functional. Anouk Wipprecht, a Dutch fashion designer, came up with the highly cherished avant-garde designs using technology. She alludes that technology is like a playground. The more one explores deeper in it, the more possibilities arise.

Technology and Fashion Function Synchronously

Technology also requires fashion for prosperity. For example, it is quite evident that fashion has enabled glass wearing to be acceptable. This was spearheaded by the inclusion of Google Glass on fashion shows. The future of technology is somehow tied to the future of fashion. Technology creates great fashion trends. Therefore, the future’s excitement entirely relies on what technological and fashion industries derive from each other.

Details on Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch (Engadget) is the founder and current CEO of New York-based firm, Burch Creative Capital. The company takes part in the management of venture investment and development of brands. Mr. Burch is a shrewd entrepreneur who utilizes personal drive to build businesses, which will have a long-lasting impact on their clients. His devotion to the power of branding has seen him play a significant role in growing over fifty brands.

Mr. Burch’s branding success started with the formation of Eagle’s Eye apparel. This investment saw him and his brother sell sweaters for other campus students and in turn, gain high returns. The year 2004 saw Chris Burch and his wife launch Tory Burch fashion label. After riding on the waves of success for eight years, Burch sold half of the company and established J. Christopher Capital LLC, which was renamed to Burch Creative Capital.

Online Branding

Manage Your Reputation Online with These Effective Methods

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Gone are the days when reputation spread by word of mouth. Online reputation is becoming popular, and it has impacted positively to individuals and businesses. So how do you keep your online reputation intact and within your control? Here are some ways to keep up with the fast pace of technology and commit to a better reputation online.

  • Keep Yourself Updated: It is not enough that you have accounts in the social media. You need to keep yourself updated and pay attention to the social updates. Keep the content that you post fresh and respond to queries as soon as possible.
  • Know About Your Brand: As much as you love your brand, you much also know other people’s opinion about your brand. Gather information and be aware of what is being said about your brand. You can use tools that are tailored to manage your brand name online.
  • Silence is important: When you have a bad review, do not try to respond immediately. Sometimes it is best to wait till their anger subsides and reason out with them. Gather more information on the issue before you respond and try to stay on the positive side.
  • Accept: If you make a mistake admit it and try your best to fix what you can. Rather that denying the error, mention the steps that you will be taking to fix it and also update the information once it is fixed.
  • It is not easy: It takes some time to build relationships and an even longer time to sustain them. You need to start building from scratch, and negative comments might dishearten you, but if you stay faithful and do everything in your power to correct your wrongs, you will find yourself a committed group of people who will place their trust in you.

It takes only a few minutes for a bad clientele experience to hit your online reputation. Therefore, individuals and companies should be on the lookout and follow the above tips.