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The American Institute of Architects Led by Robert Ivy

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For architects who are looking to enhance their careers, joining the American Institute of Architects is a good option to take advantage of. By joining this organization, a number of architects will have the opportunity to achieve a number of goals more easily. For architects who are looking to get better job opportunities, the AIA can help them with job placement. Architects who are looking to improve their reputation and credibility will also benefit by joining this renowned organization. Membership of this professional organization is also ideal for those who are looking to increase their networking opportunities and further their education. Visit Archinect.com

One of the reasons why this organization is among the leading professional entities is its leadership. The top executive of the organization is Robert Ivy. He has been the top administrator of this organization since 2011 after a long career in the media field. Once Robert Ivy became the CEO of this architecture organization he has helped with its overall expansion to other locations in the world. As well as being involved in its expansion, Robert has also helped the organization develop a number of programs that have helped professionals develop their careers.

Robert Ivy first attended college and graduate school before he began working in the architecture field. He would complete a bachelor’s degree in English and then move on to attend Tulane University for his graduate education. At Tulane Robert Ivy completed a master’s degree in architecture. This educational program helped prepare him for a career in journalism with a specialization in the architecture field. He would then go on to pursue careers in both writing and editing after completing his graduate degree program in architecture at Tulane University.

For a number of years, Robert spent his time writing articles and editing them for major architecture publications. He would go on to become a regular contributor to publications that were looking to release articles about the more recent news in the field. Robert also spent a part of his career as a top editor where he would evaluate written articles and publish them for the media organizations he worked for.

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