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Securus Technology: Latest News and Brief Information

Posted by TroPe on

This will revolve around a company called Securus Technologies and their latest acquisition on GovPayNet. On Thursday January 4th 2018 Securus announced that it has got GovPayNet Government Payment Service Inc. as a piece of the plan to extended its business of payment service. GovPayNet is a solution-oriented processor of debit and credit card payment to agencies of the government.



That particular company gives consumers services. These services are payment processing ones for court costs and fines, some examples are traffic violations and speeding and parking violations. The services of GovPayNet are given to more than thirty-five states holding more than 2,300 agencies. This covers in every United State county over twenty-six percent. Something that Mark MacKenzie from GovPayNet hopes, is that a combination with JPay and Securus organizations will win new business in modern areas, increase revenue, and move up the ability they have to put in more services.


Now some general information regarding Securus Technologies. This company is located in Dallas, Texas. It also has one in Atlanta, Georgia, and four regional offices in the Dallas metro area. Securus is one of the biggest providers of government information, parolee tracking, and detainee communications. The main focus of this company is to give responsive, comprehensive, and innovative customer service. This company had been operating since 1986. It can hold up 501 to 1000 employees. This company right now gives services to about 2,600 correctional facilities in forty-five states. It is currently a recognized leader in providing customer service that is responsive, the sole focus is the specialized needs of the communities of law enforcement and corrections. This company has thousands of the agencies of those groups rely on Securus. They are relied on by solutions that are powerful, secure, and simple. They are always easy and accessible to utilize.