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Understanding The Contribution of Eric Pulier To Developing Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a field that has seen many changes over the years and most of these changes are related with the introduction of new technology. Many businesses have been able to come up with better ways of dealing with problems, courtesy of the introduction of better technological methods and ideas that are geared towards enhancing growth.

These changes and new methods were introduced by a number of entrepreneurs, among them renowned technologist and philanthropist, Eric Pulier. Pulier is behind the development of several venture capitals among them US Interactive and Digital Evolution, which have been working towards enhancing the growth of businesses across various parts of the world.

Eric Pulier started pursuing his passion as early as fourth grade and he invested a lot of time and money to learning about the various technologies available. His effort equipped him and when he joined high school, he managed to establish a database company, a step that marked the beginning of a new era of development and growth. He came up with solutions that also helped fellow students to understand how the world of entrepreneurship works.


When he graduated from the Teaneck High School, Eric Pulier moved to the Harvard University for a degree in English and American Literature in 1984. To serve his passion in technology, he joined the MIT College and selected Computer Science. Eric displayed a lot of dedication in his pursuits and this earned him a column in the Harvard Crimson Weekly, which he called the Pulier Leg. On this space, he reviewed new technologies and offered insight into entrepreneurship and emerging trends in different industries. Eric Pulier graduated in 1988, earning high honors from both colleges.


Apart from being a successful and passionate entrepreneur and technologist, Eric Pulier has also been offering a lot to philanthropy, specifically working with those suffering from chronic illnesses. One of the foundations he works with is the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp founded to offer a sanctuary to children battling chronic illnesses. Pulier also sits as a member of the XPRIZE Foundation board, which supports technological development that is aimed at offering solutions to the needy.