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David Osio Launches New Real Estate Application

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Technological developments have been embraced by Davos Real Estate Group in order to enhance the quality of services delivered to the customers. The company has launched a mobile application called ‘Davos CAP Calculator’. The mobile application will help clients to estimate the mortgage they can pay, the kind of funding the bank can offer, the interest rate and the period of servicing the mortgage. According to David Osio, the mobile application will also be used to guide clients when they are investing in the real estate business. It has also been labeled as an innovative tool, which will be used by customers in order to get a clear vision every time they are buying property.



Davos Real Estate Group is part of Davos Financial Group, which offers financial solutions and investment strategies. The financial group has been a market leader in Latin American market over the years. It offers premium products with a vision of meeting all the needs of its customers. It combines experience and professionalism to come up with products the clients will desire. The mobile application has been developed by Tecknolution and it is available on Android and iPhone. Customers can easily use the application to estimate the price of renting a property. In the process, customers will take a short time to make decisions on purchasing property.



Dedicated David Osio



David Osio is the founder, president and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has worked tirelessly to ensure the firm grows in terms of income levels and geographical expansion. It has made a huge impact under his leadership after it established offices in Miami, New York, Panama City, Lisbon and Geneva. He has also worked to see the firm becomes a financial boutique by offering different specialized services through the independent companies. Over the years, he has been influential in establishing the domestic and international markets of the firm. He has also made great impact in the organizational culture and the strategic plans, which the company now uses.



In 1989 he worked as the Vice president of Commercial Banking up to 1993. For the four years he worked to develop marketing strategies, which could lead to finding and maintaining customers. David Osio has different skills, which include strategic planning, portfolio management, asset management, business planning, investment banking and financial modeling. He attended Andres Bello Catholic University where he studied International Banking Law. David has been given the Movers and Shakers Award as the South Florida Business Leader 2009.

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