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Should Children Be Put In Adult Situation For Drug Trafficking

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There are too many children and young adults that are believing that drugs are the answer for everything. Drug dealers and drug users begin to believe they can buy and sell drugs without consequence. This is because so many people get away with the drug deals they are creating. Drug abuse is all over the country. Every state is battling the same abuse day after day. It was a problem with older adults. People that were part of the historic Woodstock will tell you that most of the individuals participating were high on life and drugs. This was a sign of this time. Now the youth of the world is passing out the drugs on the playgrounds. They are the ones introducing your child to his first taste of cocaine, pot, or meth. How do we as adults put an end to the drug dealing of children. Do we put them in jail and send them to trial like an adult? They may be making adult decisions to deal drugs but are they really understanding what they are doing? They may have been told that there are consequences to selling or using drugs, but do they really understand? Ross Abelow, and attorney in New York, occasionally faces this type trial when he deals with family issues. Ross helps the children and parents understand the legal issues and what they are facing.

According to the ABA Journal, Children are being tried as an adult in Mexico for selling drugs. Drug Cartels are using minors to traffic and bring drugs across the borders from Mexico to places like Arizona. Children are hoping that they can plead guilty and get probation. Some do but some end up spending a hard time in an adults prison. Is an adult prison the right place for a child? Some of these children were possibly forced to traffic these drugs across the borders. Some may be making their own decisions but does this mean they know what they are getting into? So what should we as an adult legal society do to keep these children out of prison and off the street? The first thing we can do is to put the people that are corrupting the minors in prison for a long time. Parents must take more time with their children. They must make sure their children are not involved in things that could lead them on the wrong paths. You can read the whole article at http://www.abajournal.com/news/article/youths_bringing_drugs_from_mexico_to_us_now_charged_as_adults_in_arizona.

Lawyers such as Ross Abelow are setting good examples for the youth of America. Ross not only works as a lawyer for families and corporations, but he also works with the local animal shelters to provide financing through donations on the go fund me for strays account. Ross Abelow hopes he can raise $5000 or more to feed animals on the streets and in the animal shelters. He is doing his part for the community and hopefully more youths will become interested in helping the animals instead of the drug cartel.

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