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Sometimes pain in your lower back is more than just a “tweak” from rough housing to much. Many times we tend to put off getting an examination due to a commonly shared distaste for doctors no matter what specialization they are. I bet until this article you had know idea that that many hospitals take this factor into account. Further more that there is a position designed for finding the right doctors to promote the right kind of health care. One man who does this job is Brian Torchin of Health Care Recruitment Counselors.

Brian Torchin has managed and staffed multiple practices and hospitals by looking for experience and sociable physicians in their field. The job is not only to provide excellent health service, but also great interpersonal skills so that patients actually feel comfortable coming back to the practice or hospital for examinations in the future. Brian works to promote the relationship a person builds with their chiropractor, family physician, etc. by finding the right people for the cities.

Brian Torchin is the owner and founder of HCRC (Health Care Recruitment Counselors) and has worked in the field of health care recruitment for sometime. By providing his experience in executive recruitment, he is able to find the perfect fit whether it be for a family physician or personal chiropractor. The job itself sounds a bit maddening given the fact that there are so many people that would rather suffer through than work with a doctor. While it may often go unknown that people like Brian Torchin work in the positions they do, it is no surprise that is needed throughout the medical profession. Next time, when you are sitting uncomfortably in the doctor’s office waiting on your appointment, try to remember that their are guys like Brian Torchin working to ensure that your experience is a great one and that you will come back in the future.  Check out his Angel.co profile that has further information and guidance.